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Expert labour and high-end equipment are required for effective and efficient Air Duct Cleaning. Home-owners have to pay a hefty amount to even the companies that scam their way out in the name of providing HVAC services to the consumers. 

Usual air HVAC service involves cleaning out the contaminants like pollen, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria to ensure the system is dust and dist. Particles free. Cleaning out the duct improves the air quality within the premises and improves electricity utilization. Professional cleaners have high voltage and effective vacuum cleaners, powerful blowers, and brushes to clean out the dirt contaminations from the supply, return ducts, and intakes. However, several scammers show having an expert workforce and quality equipment that offers consumer services like Air duct repair and replacements in Roswell alongside vent cleanup. Below are the common scams that are to be avoided by homeowners. 

Ads showing low prices

These scammers advertise low prices for high-quality work to homeowners. There are many chances that the personal the company is sending out is not a quality workman and the equipment available at his disposal is not of high quality to provide appropriate duct cleaning. The ads coupons showing up $49 or $99 are unprofessional companies scamming out the general public in the name of offering high-quality HVAC services. 

Usual charges for high-quality HVAC service  by professionals using powerful equipment and chemicals cost around $200 to $400 on average. This price bracket may vary as per the house size, Duct  configuration, or the number of air ducts installed over the premises. 

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The homeowner should always check the references of the company that is offering air duct cleaning services along with air duct repair and replacement. Connections can be prevented through social media review pages, local areas around, or even search engines. It is always advised to look out for the professionals offering HVAC system cleaning certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association [NADCA]. Previous customer satisfaction will set up the tone for you to decide to go with the company. 

NADCA Standards

Homeowners should ensure to check the validity of the certification of the company offering HVAC system cleaning. The HVAC service provider company should be following the standards and guidelines set by NADCA. Many companies claim to be certified with NADCA membership; however, it’s a part of a scam. Do look up the NADCA professional directory or contact their head offices to verify the certifications. 

Blow and Go Scam
Newspapers and daily magazines are filled advertising of the HVAC cleaning companies claiming a professional cleaning, yet they work the mode of blow and go basically. They often charge a nominal fee and offer a low quality cleaning and often damage the duct during cleansing using low-quality chemicals and cleaning equipment. They also upsell their additional services that include repairing and installation as well. 


These are a common scam that occurs when a company offers its services through discount coupon or calls. Once they arrive, they perform bare minimum work and ask for additional funds to continue with work and upgraded services. Unfortunately, once a homeowner gets in this situation, he has to upgrade the service by paying an additional amount and even though it results in low-quality air duct cleaning.

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Quick but Dirty

Often homeowner gets into the scam by the claims of quick cleaning services offered by HVAC companies. They perform the bare minimum task and usually clean the area that is visible to the customer only. If left out, the internal regions of ducts, intakes, and electrical structures could damage more than saving a few bucks. 

Low-Grade Tools

The tools and chemicals used by the scam HVAC service providers are often a low-grade quality. They mostly use handheld vacuum machines that can barely suck up the top layer of dust. Using non-standard tools like exacerbates could damage the duct’s body from the inside. They usually spend 30 to 40 minutes at max for a job, which takes around 2 to 3 hours if done by appropriate professionals. 

Homeowners are to make sure they do a proper survey of the company they call in to do the vent cleaning and often air duct repair and replacement of their premises. Authentic companies will always have a busy schedule as they will give out dates as per their availability. They will be equipped with industry-grade tools and high-quality chemicals to make sure the duct receives appropriate cleansing that it can go on to provide quality air throughout the year. 

The general information that homeowners can take care of to avoid any scam is to go with full services, check for appropriate references, take estimates from at least a couple of HVAC cleaning services in Norcross , avoid gimmicks and scammers and NADCA certified companies.