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Most people find it easy to go to a store that sells and buys brand-name computers. These computers offer quality and service at a reasonable price. But they usually have at least one component that is out of date or out of date. For example, the amount of system memory will be too low, or the capacity of the hard drive will be too low, or they may not offer any option with a video card suitable for games. Thus, more and more people prefer to build a PC from scratch. This gives them complete control over what they need.

How to Select Components?

The choice of components depends on your specific needs for planning the construction of your computer. A basic home computer will not need a fancy setup, while a gaming computer will need a great graphics card and extremely fast RAM. A server will require large hard drives, and audio/video editing will require a high-quality audio/graphics card, as well as high-speed memory and a state-of-the-art processor.

To get started, you need to ask yourself what you want from the computer. It can be a basic machine for simple web browsings like Facebook and email. Another requirement could be just watching a movie, music, recording, and Internet television connected to a media center, a computer entertainment center, as well as any other use connected to full-time television. . The machine can be used mainly for sports. Gaming PCs can be a difficult subject because everyone has different perspectives. Some may enjoy playing lower-level games, and others may want to completely filter out everything for future game titles. And video. Often, there are many similarities between a high-end gaming PC and a photo/video editing machine. You don’t necessarily need a very powerful system for videos and photos, but it does shrink when needed. If you’re looking to create long videos, it can take years to get them on a less powerful computer. One thing I would say is that no matter what computer you are looking for, budget for the funds available, and go from there. There is no point in looking at the most expensive highs when there is no budget for them. Many will wonder how cheap a very powerful system can be “these days”. I never recommend buying the latest and greatest because it will cost a premium and will be replaced in about six months. This is how the computer world works.

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Once the purpose and budget of the computer are ready, it takes a few large components to assemble a fully functional computer. These basic components are included.

Chassis that holds and protects all components,

  • Power supply (PSU) which supplies the capacity to the computer from the wall,
  • The motherboard, which is the centerpiece of all the components to communicate with each other.
  • The graphics card, which is responsible for putting images on your computer screen that you can see and interact with,
  • The processor (CPU) that acts as the brain of operations, calculates millions of operations every second,
  • Memory (RAM) which stores temporary information by the processor for instant access,
  • Hard disk, or hard disk that is a permanent storage device that contains all user programs and data,
  • Removable storage such as CD / DVD / Blu-ray drives and burners, USB sticks, and other storage devices.


Where can I buy PC components?


Before we get started, let’s take a look at where you can actually buy the original component because if you’ve bought the complete systems before, you’ll need to use certain types of vendors for what you are used to.

Amazon, both in the UK and the US, maybe a good source for potential PC developers, but it’s worth checking out the specialty PC manufacturer sites as well, a few of which I have outlined below. Also, the weather does not allow, visit a real brick and mortar store in case there is anything left in your usual place (RIP Maplin), but you will probably be buying most of your PC bits online.

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The United Kingdom – (UK)

The United States – (US)

  • Newegg
  • Walmart
  • MicroCenter
  • Box

How to Assemble the Hardware?

The assembly of the matter is what confuses most people. But the truth is, it’s as simple as plugging in your cell phone. Most computer components are designed to fit well in one way or another. The slots have different markings, the number of pins varies according to the component, or they are just color-coded. So unless an unnecessary force is applied, it should not take long to apply everything without breaking anything.


How to install software?


After the hardware setup, software installation is much easier, although it takes longer than the assembly part. Operating systems, device drivers, application software, anti-virus programs, all games, printers, cameras, and all other third party devices are installed.

Final Words – It sounds like a complicated procedure that is not technical. But building a PC is not as difficult as most people think.


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