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The beautiful, modern dining tables are a touch of elegance seen in the design styles of the 1950s, 60s, and into the late 90s. These dining room table styles are popular again, and the addition of chrome and glass has the ingenious touches of colour, texture, and density that give elegance, style, and flair to the dining room furniture.

Historic Styles of Dining Room Tables:

Historically, dining tables were used as the main gathering place within a residence, even in the days of the ancient Royals when they met their knights. A childhood story emphasizes the round table, simply because this way there would be no “head” of the table, everyone at the table would be seen as equal in social position. The large kitchen and dining room tables of old built-in porcelain cabinets, sideboards, porcelain cabins, and corner cabins as additional furniture for the room. Large dinners were held in these rooms that were the basis for the modern manufacturer designs that we see today. Manufacturers copy historical styles and designs using modern building materials like chrome and glass.


Elegance in the modern dining room tables is still a requirement of many customers when deciding what to buy to create a themed dining room that is functional, beautiful, and modern at the same time. Measure your room to help you determine the size of the furniture you can buy. The size of the room determines the size of the furniture you can fit in the available space. This is a standard in the decorating industry that each individual sitting at a table should have twenty-four inches of space at that table. Allowing each individual to have adequate space to move while eating alone adds comfort and ease to the dining experience. When seating is an issue, open the dining room to the adjacent room, be it a living room or kitchen, and set up small intimate tables for two or four to help seat guests.

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Seating at Dining Room Tables

Most dining areas will have the four standard wooden dining table chairs for the sides of the table and the captain’s chair for the head of the table, and a chair that is smaller the captain’s chair. The tables that are at the head and at the foot of the table are often a custom chair. Sometimes additional seating can be available by adding a small wall-mount by high stools that serve as additional seating.

Shapes of Dining Tables

The shape of the room will be important when choosing the shape of the dining room tables to buy. Standard shapes for tablets are oval, round, square, and rectangular. Large tables are often rectangular or oval in shape. Smaller groups at the table will allow for small round or square tables. Small round tables placed together in a large room create a very intimate setting and would be appropriate for small private conversations as well as visiting other tables.

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Many people make the mistake of choosing dining room tables based solely on looks. You want your home to be inviting, but many families use the dining room table for more than just eating! You want to base your decision on many other concerns, like budget and coordination with other decor. This offers tips and ideas for choosing a dining table that will not only look attractive but will serve its purpose.

Do you need a table that expands several feet to accommodate a disabled person?

What the table is used for, other than eating? If you intend to craft or use the table for activities that can cause scratches, you should choose a table that has a durable surface.

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How big should the table be to fit the scale of the room? You don’t want a giant formal dining room table in a very small dining room, nor do you want a small one in a very large dining room. Do you have a very tight budget or you spend whatever you want on a dining table? Money is a concern for many, so determine what your limit is before you start shopping.

Sizes and Usability

Guests will feel uncomfortable sitting around a table that they are afraid to touch for fear of leaving stains. Decide what table shape and style you want. Looking for round, oblong, or square shapes? If the living room and dining room areas flow together, you’ll want the style to flow easily into the living room décor as well. An open and spacious country kitchen looks wonderful with a solid wood table flanked by mismatched wooden chairs or even picnic benches.

Dining tables with multiple purposes

If your kitchen is small with limited counter space, you may often find yourself preparing food at the dining room table. Cutting and dicing can make a real number in the end! You want a surface that is sturdy and can be easily cleaned.

Children often do homework at the dining room table. Families get together to play cards or other games from time to time. If your table use for these activities make sure it has a sturdy surface that will withstand a lot of abuse. Some surfaces are extremely delicate, and a glass of water for a few minutes will leave a mark.

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Before making a significant investment in your dining room tables, think about everything your family uses on the dining room table. Think about the current style of your kitchen and dining room. Whether you need a lot of space for family and guests or just a cosy little table. 

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