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Originally, an ashram is the name of a place popularly known as a spiritual hermitage or a Hindu monastery. It is a traditional location where spiritual leaders or gurus and their disciples live. One fact about the ashram is that the place is usually far from the rest of the society. It is a secluded place devoted to meditation, yoga, and sacred religious fellowships. Ashrams are associated with Hinduism and have been in India for years. Other religions like Christianity have adopted part of the ashram’s model. You can also find ashrams that focus on yoga. India boasts of many yoga ashrams and knowing how to choose a yoga ashram in India is essential. Generally, ashrams are located on mountains or forests. It is part of what enhances their practices. 

Tips To Pick A Yoga Ashram In India 

  • Understand Your Objectives 

Why do you want to undergo yoga ashram training? You must understand that a yoga ashram training will have to do with both the style of yoga and the location. In fact, it is more particular to the location or setting of the yoga practice. So before you choose a yoga ashram in India, know the reason behind your choice. While this consideration may not offer much, it helps you choose the setting or environment where the yoga training will occur. As you understand your reasons, you will be able to consider a location suitable for the training. 

  • Know The Style Of Yoga

This is perhaps one of the major considerations you should make as you choose a yoga ashram. What style of yoga do you want to learn? Remember that ashram has to do with the location. Therefore, you should also consider the style of yoga you want to learn in that location. Combining both your preferred yoga style and a preferred location will positively impact your training. There are several styles of yoga from which you can choose. It is opined that the style of yoga has a lot to do with the location for training. You can combine these two factors to choose the right yoga ashram in India.

  • Mode Of Training

The mode of training is particular to the yoga ashram you choose. Apart from following the principles of the yoga style you want to learn, there is also an approach that each training location uses. All you have to do is research the style or approach of the yoga ashram and consider if it works well with you. Approach to training matters a lot and can improve training to a certain extent. What approach does the yoga ashram use in training? Are you comfortable with the style of training? 

  • Training Durations 

The yoga ashrams in India have different training hours. What affects the training hours may be the style of yoga to be taught and the nature of the training program. Before you choose a yoga ashram for your yoga training in India, compare training durations. This will help you find the best yoga ashram that offers convenient training hours. For instance, you can have a 28-day 200-hour, 25-day 200-hour, 29-day 200-hour, 42-day 300-hour, and 22-day 200-hour as some of your options. Knowing training durations helps you plan ahead. 

  • Cost And Budget

The truth is that the cost of enrolling at yoga ashrams in India for any set duration is usually high. The cost ranges from $500, $1,500, to $3,000 depending on the duration of stay and hours of training. The cost may overwhelm and even discourage you. Instead of focusing on the expensiveness, it is better to use a budget to decide with yoga ashram in India to go for. When you use your budget, you can streamline the costs of different yoga ashrams. With this process, you will eventually see the yoga ashram that is affordable and serve the purpose of going. 

  • Distance And Location 

This is another factor that should determine your choice of yoga ashram in India. You may not like to travel or be far away from home. So you need to choose a yoga ashram that is near you. If you are the type with a flair for adventure, there are also yoga ashrams of far distance. Consider this also and streamline your options.

  • Referrals And Recommendations 

There are several popular yoga ashrams in India. Due to the numbers, you are likely to find it stressful and time-wasting to find details about many of them. To save you time, you can easily seek recommendations. Thousands of people go to different yoga ashrams. With their opinions and recommendations, you can quickly find yourself a yoga ashram in India. People can also provide answers and insights to all the questions and inquiries you may have. 

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A yoga ashram in India is an interesting place to be. Apart from the yoga training you go there to undertake, the overall experience is filled with beautiful memories and adventure. You should not stress on how to choose a yoga ashram in India, as this article provides the tips you need. Make a choice and have a fun and mind-blowing trip to any yoga ashram in India.

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