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Design Your Living Room With Wall Tiles

The living room is an important space in the house, it shows the luxury and class of the owner. Therefore, it shows a lot in the interior design style. Choose a living room wall mosaic pattern tiles to provide a cozy and luxurious space. The article will provide some experiences in choosing the right living room wall tiles.

Living Room Wall Tiles

The living room is the first space when entering the house, which is also the place where all the guests who come to your house to play, so this space requires a charming and charismatic beauty to stand out. your whole house. When you are designing your room in a creative way according to furnishing, using these beautiful living room tiles will show your ‘aesthetic eye’.

1. About the color of the living room wall tiles

the color of the living room wall tiles

When choosing a wall tile pattern, we pay attention to the main color of the room, as well as furnishing. The color scheme greatly affects the aesthetics of the space. Today’s living room space is often used with simple neutral colors like cream, brown, light yellow or white to bring a sleek, modern beauty.

However, you should also avoid using too many colors in the interior design of the living room that will lose its beauty.

  • If you want to choose tiles according to furnishing, you should choose the color of the tiles according to the rule of life. For example, if the flooring of your house uses red tiless of the fire element, you should choose yellow tiles because according to the principle of the five elements, the fire of the earth.

You should also not choose prominent, colorful tiles patterns to avoid creating a sense of confusion and discomfort for the viewer. To get a beautiful living room, you need to combine colors in harmony for a high aesthetic.

2. About the size of the living room wall tiles

About the size of the living room tiles

The next thing to consider is the size of the living room tiles. To choose the correct tile size, families should rely on the area of ​​the living room where the tiles are needed to choose the correct size. For spaces with an area greater than 25m2, the most suitable living room coverings for selection will be 30 × 60 cm.

At the same time, you should also use tiles with a length of 1 and sides that match the floor tiles. For example, a 30 × 60 mosaic will be suitable for a 30 × 30 or 60 × 60 mosaic. To create an overall balance and harmony for the room.

3. About the material of the wall tiles.

material of the tiles

The family living room is not rough so it is possible to use different materials such as ceramic wall tiles, semi-porcelain or granite for the wall cladding. However, it should be noted that only tiles with a dry enamel surface should be selected to increase the warmth of the room. The glazed tile line will make the space feel chilly as you enter so it won’t be suitable for this barn.

Above are our actions on how to choose beautiful living room tiles, through the article, you will surely have the information to choose a living room wall tile pattern for your family, right?

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