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The wifi router provides the wifi network connectivity. By which you can surf the web, stream 4K videos, and video chat with your friends. But this router is suitable for small area coverage, the wifi router is not good for long area coverage because it cannot cover more area. If you want to cover a long area, then you can use Dlink dap 1620 Extender. This extender is a range extender, which means extend the existing wifi signal. This extender easily takes the signal from the existing router and automatically boosts the signal without any interruption. If you think about how to boost the existing wifi signal of the dlink wifi extender. The answer is this extender is external antennas that easily manage the wifi signal and deliver a smooth wifi signal.

You think that it is very difficult to log in to this extender, but not difficult. You can do it easily with dlinkap.local. The dlink wifi range extender uses the mu-mimo technology and delivers an unimaginable wifi network in long-distance wifi network coverage. It easily removes the router’s weak signal while using this technology.

Get rid of the router’s weak signal with dlink dap 1620 extender

The router delivers home wifi network range throughout the home. But sometimes the router’s wifi signal creates a dead zone. By facing this issue, you can easily get rid of the router’s weak signal with the dlink dap-1620 wifi range extender.

1. Properly install the wifi router

The wireless router delivers a wifi network, but sometimes it creates a dead zone. If you want to get rid of the router’s weak signal then you need to install it in the proper manner. To install the router, firstly check the accessories to properly install the router. Then connect the router to the gateway or modem. You use a yellow ethernet cable to make a wired connection between your devices. Then use the power adapter cable and connect to the wifi router. The power adapter is used and connects to the electric power supply. Now, press the power button of the router and turn ON the wireless wifi router. After that connect the router to the dlink dap 1620 extender

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2. Connect the router to the dlink dap 1620 extender, wired

The dlink dap-1620 wifi range ext6ender is a preferable wifi range extender to remove the router’s weak signal. If you take the benefits of the extender’s wifi range then you need to connect the router to the dlink extender. You must use a wired connection to connect the router with the dlink dap-1620 extender. To do a wired connection, you will need an Ethernet cable, from which you can easily do a wired connection. By using an ethernet cable and plug the end into the extender and router ethernet port. Then power ON the extender and router, check the LED indicator status.

3. Update the extender

If you get rid of the router’s weak signal with the dlink dap 1620 extender, then you need to check the firmware version. If you use the old version firmware, then your extender not deliver a stable wifi network range. You also update the dlink extender firmware then you get many new features. With which you can easily surf the web and enjoy gaming consoles without any buffering. To update the extender firmware, visit dlinkap.local and then go to the extender’s setting. In the extender setting, you can select the option “firmware update”. Then, check the downloader firmware file in your device, if it does not download then download it and upload it in the “browse” section. Afterward, click the “upgrade” section.

4. Reset the router and dlink dap 1620 extender

If you want to get the proper range, by which the router’s weak signal automatically gets rid then you need to reset your router and extender. To reset the router and extender, locate the reset button. The router reset button is on the backside. And the extender button is on m the bottom side. Press the button for few seconds. After that, leave the button and verify the LED indicator status. If the LED indicated orange light that means the reset process is successful. After that, you again set up the wireless wifi router. Then d link dap 1620 setup with the dlink wifi app, within minutes.

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