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If you feel irritated or annoyed even at the thought of carpet cleaning London Ontario, you are not alone. People all around the world don’t like to do carpet cleaning either it is too stressful, or they use wrong chemicals that make the carpet colour fade. With all the stains covering your carpet and accumulated dirt makes one question: does carpet cleaning is the reason behind colour fading or there is some other reason.

Just like any other fabric, carpet can lose its colour over time, if not taken care properly. A wide range of cleaning chemicals are available to clean the carpet, and it is not unusual for the carpet to lose its colour. One of the main culprits behind the colour fading is the bleaching agent. Every household has items that possess this chemical. This includes perfumes, aerosol sprays, detergents and even pesticides. There is a higher chance that this chemical can get at the bottom of your shoe and similarly in your carpet as well.

To maintain your carpet in good condition, fresh and original colour requires a lot of effort. When you have to perform carpet cleaning, even the smaller portion of any home or area seems a daunting task. Usually, people realise that the soft layer of the carpet that covers their floor is getting damaged until there is a major blemish. Even if you have hired the maid for this purpose, at times, proper cleaning does not help.

Few tips you can follow to prevent colour loss in your carpet

The best option is to use natural and home-made carpet cleaners apart from using damaging chemicals. This can result in lessening the carpet damage and increasing the life span of your carpet.

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1. Keep out the sun:

Everyone loves to have a sunroom in their house. Although the warm sun rays make us feel good, but it leaves an adverse effect on the carpet, and that is colour fading. So when you are not in that room, make sure to close the blinds to block the damaging UV rays.

2. Keep hands and feet clean:

You don’t know, but the products you use on a daily basis contain chemicals that can unknowingly cause the colour to fade from your carpet. The products like bleach, acne medication and facial cream and foot medications can remove the colour from your carpet. So always make sure to wash your hands properly and wear socks.

3. Treat pet stains at once:

We love and care about our pets, but accidents can happen. If you face such a situation, then the best solution is to clean it as quickly as possible. Pet urine is a stubborn stain and has the ability to remove the colour from carpet and fabrics.


4. Contact a professional carpet cleaning

Several colour fading areas on the carpet are because of the improper use of the cleaning products. However, these products are designed for instant cleaning. But they also have the tendency to destroy carpet fibres when it comes to removing the spot. Also, they can become a permanent stain.

So when you encounter these stubborn stains and spots, then it makes it essential to call the professional for this purpose. They possess all the relevant expertise and can proficiently use spot treating products to save your carpet and help in maintaining its colour. In the end, avoid performing such tricky tasks on your own and get the assistance of the professionals.

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Furthermore, the prices they offer are reasonable that suits every customer budget needs. So, anyone can easily get it without fretting about anything.


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