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While reading the title of this blog, many of us think that it’s easier said than done. It is somewhat true but uncertainty comes with anxiety and bewildering feelings which leaves us vulnerable in most of the cases. Just like pandemic and coronavirus lockdown even today, we are isolated from our loved ones, not able to travel overseas to meet them and feeling disconnected from the world.

Before uncertainty is more evolved and leaves you back in stress and impatient manner, it is necessary to find ways to stay patient and keep yourself sane. Let the feeling of hopelessness be away and move away from the pain through the methods mentioned below.

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Stay Patient During Uncertain Situations

1. Make A Routine & Try Sticking With It

Controlling your emotions is sometimes tough but as you put in control on your own tasks, you would be able to guard your emotional feelings and disable them for goodness. Set up a routine goal, add good food, exercises and exciting activities or hobbies within it and stick with it. All you have to do is open your heart for everything in your life and enjoy the smallest moments within it.

2. Connect Yourself To Nature

Outdoor activities and connection with nature is just a wonderful vibe. Whenever you are under pressure or anxiety, go out for a walk in the woods or perform some exercises here. Try going outdoors without carrying your headphones and feel the music of chirping birds, blowing winds and crunch of stones. Notice that there is a beautiful world out there beyond all the worries and uncertainties.

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3. Show Gratitude & Be Empathetic

Instead of dwelling on what you don’t have and worrying about all the uncertainties, think about things that make you happy. Show everyone the gratitude and focus on self-belief. As soon as you seek positivity and be empathetic for others’ needs, you will feel stronger within. Find your peace and happiness hidden inside you and get the taste of patience during uncertain periods.

4. Embrace The Unknown

Probably the best way to deal with uncertainty, get comfortable with it. Instead of trying to fix any situation, let it move on its own. See where it goes! Universe makes the changes in itself and that is the only certainty you can believe in. Even if things seem out of your control in the moment, you will once again regain the command of your life. 

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5. Distinguish If It’s Fear Or Anxiety

Now this is pretty important to find the exact intensity of emotions you are dealing with. For example, fear of getting coronavirus helps in protecting you from it and you wash your hands, wear a mask and follow social distancing. However, anxiety comes with pre-notion beliefs like ‘The world is gone unsafe and it’s not meant for me.’ Ask yourself what can you do right now rather than dwelling in the past. It has to be understood that pain may be inevitable but suffering from it is a choice. 

6. Practice Self-Care

Whenever you are surrounded by uncertainty, it is essential that you take care of yourself and be kind sidewise. In this case, do whatever which keeps you away from the difficulties. For example, focus on reading a self help book, bake yourself nice cookies, play a game that excites you or just practice a hobby. 

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7. Think About Your Past Success

There are high chances that you faced a crisis in the past but overcame it. How about remembering the same events and giving yourself good credit for what you did then? Try it and you would reflect on your strengths and powerful features. 

8. Talk To Yourself

Taking your own advice with a smart conversation could only take you in a better direction. Ask yourself what would you have done if your friend had been in this situation. Immediately or not, you would find a way out with a new perspective and fresh idea.

9. Ask For Help With Your Loved Ones

It is possible that your loved ones understand what you are going through and may help in dealing with uncertain situations in a better way. It’s also good to communicate on your own rather than being gullible to it.

10. Ask For Professional Help

Many people around the world have asked for help from psychologists online since the year 2020, and why not? The year hit hard on every single human being in some form or another. Consulting a psychologist or therapist can help you in dealing with all the issues that come up with uncertainty. It is possible that some therapies like individual psychotherapy or cognitive behavioral therapy is recommended to you. Do not hesitate in participating in such therapies for better recovery.


We believe that you would try to stay patient when things feel uncertain with the help of pointers mentioned above. If not, we recommend you to see a therapist, online or offline, and resolve things stuck inside your mind. Moreover, remember uncertainties would always remain high because that is how life is but your attitude towards dealing is more important than anything else.