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Meta descriptions are very important role players in search engine optimization. If you still don’t consider it seriously, then you are missing something big in this ocean of digital marketing. You can use meta descriptions to drive more traffic to your website also, you can write compelling meta descriptions to get conversions. Don’t you believe it? But you must have to believe that meta descriptions can help you get more conversions with just a few clicks.

You can see the importance of meta descriptions with a Google search. You will find that thousands of blog posts are there on the same topic. And the more exciting part is that we are also going to write on the same topic today. So here today we will talk about the meta descriptions, their importance, usage, and benefits. Also, we will tell you a few tips so that you can write meta descriptions in a way to get more traffic and conversions on your website.

What Is a Meta Description?

The meta description is the page description that is shown on search engine result pages. You will find the meta description underneath the blue colored link or URL. Also, we can describe meta descriptions as the piece of the content that a visitor reads just after the title. So readers are going to have a look at the meta descriptions before they click on the page link.

Why Is It Important?

As we have mentioned, searchers will find a meta description of your pages as the first piece of the content on the SERPs (search engine result pages). So you can see yourself that meta description is very important. Firstly meta description is important because the user or the reader reads it before clicking your page link on any SERPs. Secondly, the meta description is important because it helps you to rank your website higher on any SERPs.

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Tips To Write Effective Meta Descriptions

You can see that meta descriptions are very important for any webmaster. Because you can use these meta descriptions to drive more traffic to your website. And more traffic simply means more conversions. So if you need more conversions and more revenue then you must have to write optimized, high quality, and attractive meta descriptions. Don’t you know how to make your meta descriptions more attractive? Then must read this section of the post.

#1. Must Use Focus Keywords

You must have focus keywords in your meta description. There is no meaning to write a meta description without even using focus keywords. For better ranking, you must have to include your focus keywords, secondary keywords, LSI keywords, and a lot of other optimization words in your meta descriptions. It will help search engine crawlers to identify that your website has more relevant content to the searched term.

#2. Don’t Stick To The Word Count

The next thing that you need to keep in mind is to never stick with the word count limit only. We know that meta description has a word count limit. But don’t try to write for the word count only. You must have some other plans in your mind about your meta description. You must have to maintain the quality before you maintain the word count of your meta description.

#3. Don’t Sound Robotic

As we have mentioned above that you don’t have to sound robotic and many blog writers are making the same mistake. They are keeping in mind the word limit or character limit, they keep in mind the focus keywords. But they are not focusing on the quality of the meta descriptions. Don’t think this way they are writing meta descriptions that are sounding robotic, which is not a good thing for their site ranking.

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#4. Something Which Triggers

We know that we have to add focus keywords to our meta descriptions. We also know that we must have to maintain the word limit or character limit. But what is something more important to it? If you focus only on these two things then you will be writing a robotic meta description. So what should you do to get rid of the robotic tone? You must add some content that triggers the emotions inside the reader. He/she must be compelled to click on your URL as soon as he/she reads the meta description. So always try to find out the best piece of content to add to your meta description.

#5. Conclude The Whole Post

A meta description is not an introduction to your post. Some people consider it as a summary of your post. But don’t consider it a conclusion completely. You can consider it as a highlight of your post. You have to compel the reader that something big, useful, and amazing is inside the post. And you must have to include such things in your post so that it should not look like a clickbait meta description. You have to give an overview of the post to the reader through your meta description.

#6. Add A CTA

Call to action is also a necessary thing that you must have to include in your meta description. A very few experts will tell you the truth behind using a CTA in meta descriptions. Most of them will tell you that there is no need to add a CTA in the meta description. But you know that you are compelling someone to click your URL, and when you want visitors to take action, then you must have to add a CTA to your meta description.

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Meta descriptions are important and you should pay a lot of attention while writing them. Because they can help you get more traffic. Most of the webmasters think that these meta descriptions are only useful to rank your website higher on a search engine result page. But it can do a lot more than just ranking your website higher on the SERPs. If you follow the above-mentioned tips then you will probably get more traffic through meta descriptions and more traffic will give you more conversions. You can choose a custom SEO Reseller that helps in meta tags optimization.


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