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The ball is finally within reach of the goal and it is time for the golfer to put their putting skills to work. Those that are amateurs know that they can always improve putting abilities. Even the pros practice this skill. There are five different items that can be changed in order to improve one’s putting ability with a little effort.

The first involves changing the grip on the club, using the arms and shoulders to work, keep the head immobile, read the putting line, and think in tempo.

Improve Putting

The essential grip needed to improve putting is the basic reverse overlap or Vardon grip. This is where the right little finger and the left index finger are in reversed positions. The left hand is placed at the bottom with the right hand placed at the top for right-hand golfers.

Left-handed golfers should place the left hand on top and the right hand on the bottom. This helps to reduce the power of the dominant hand. The index finger of the dominant hand should go down the shaft in the back and over the fingers of the other hand linking them together.

The shoulders and arms should be doing all of the swing work when it comes to knowing how to improve putting. The arms, hand, and shoulder are the trifectas of making a shot like this. They create an invisible triangle shape that should move as one piece.

The shaft of the club and the front forearm should form one, continual line. During the swing, the head should be kept still. Golfers should not give in to the urge to look at the shot itself but only at the ball when putting. Utilizing all of these tips together will help to get the ball into the hole.

Golfers should always make sure to read the putting line. This means to take a moment and visualize the invisible line that exists between the ball and the hole. Visualize the correct trajectory between the two points that it must travel. Too many golfers make the mistake of trying to compensate for potential issues in the green.

The top thing to remember when trying to improve putting is to create a tempo such as “one-two”. This involves a rhythm and pace so that the forward and backstroke follow the exact same pattern. Repetition is the key to perfecting the rhythm of a golfer’s swing. For more information on Hamburg Oktoberfest and eSport Hamburg


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