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The pandemic has hit us hard and how. With jobs and investments and market going into extreme stand still and uncertainty, each and every person and every kind-off market is facing the brunt. The masses are looking for safer options, the question remains, but which sector? In today’s scenario people would want to hold on to their assets and savings and not invest anywhere which is absolutely smart but there should be some clear guidelines as to where to put in one’s asset and safeguard it or may be increase it too.

Various ventures offer various open doors for long haul growth however given the current vulnerabilities; would one want to take a chance with his/her money in it? The stock exchange was considered a good source for investment until recent times given one was prepared to explore through the risk factor. But in the current situation one may wind up with a great deal of cash one day and none at all the other day due to the uplifted unstable and eccentric nature. This is a major danger for the overall people. At that point one may ask, is there a more secure, risk-free investment alternative accessible today? Yes, there is:

  • The property price-points have been quite same since 2016 and consequently, there couldn’t have been an advantageous opportunity to invest into Real Estate than now.
  • The real estate has been on the move since RERA’s new regulations got implemented and various other reasons.

The reduced loan interest rates to as low as 7 per cent, it can enable one to get loans lasting for about 15 to 20 years

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Exciting offers on commercial property further make the purchasing process beneficial for the clients.

The SAS Infra has been catering a unique lifestyle for decades now. We strive to go up and beyond with our work and delivering the dream that is beyond perfect to our buyers. Hence, we have come up with special offers that makes owning the tallest commercial building in Hyderabad, SAS ITower a great rental income investment a reality even during this crisis.

  • Best Investment Opportunity where you have assurance of monthly income
  • Buy Back Scheme where after 3 years one can get 30% growth over the investment.
  • Assurance of returns from Day one

This sort of chance gives aspiring individuals for a commercial space investment the best opportunity to put resources into timeless engineering as well as in a long term and profitable asset growth.

If one has to calculate the gains from investing in fixed deposit to investing in the tallest commercial building, SAS ITower one can see that:

  • The average annual earnings from a rental income investment contributes to your net profit from day one.
  • SAS iTower, a mixed-use commercial project is in a league of its own. A premium Grade A+ business park, SAS iTower offers investors a lucrative investment opportunity that would be a feather in the cap of their investments.
  • The strategic location in the IT hub of Hyderabad with smart-tech office spaces.
  • This project is at low risk for portfolio diversification and guarantees high ROI.
  • SAS Infra has assertiveness to have advises from world’s best consultants/partners,
  • Foresightedness
  • We have a dedicated team to take care about your lease / rental.
  • World Class Quality
  • Regular communication with timely updates
  • Excellent Pre-sales to Post-Sales support
  • Assurance of Timely Delivery.
  • Additional features like a slew of leisure and amusement hubs, 6 levels of parking, clear zoning and traffic management for vehicular stopovers and logistics circulation makes SAS iTower a high tangible asset.
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Thus, by investing in SAS ITower one can not only own a slice of one of the masterpieces created by the SAS Group but also invest in a brighter tomorrow and a one-of-a-kind lifestyle. By investing in the most elegant commercial space in Hyderabad it will reflect the refined taste and rich sense of aesthetics for the aspirational minds. This project, like any other developed by SAS Group, brings a superior lifestyle through a vibrant community and a world-class craftsmanship at this premium commercial building, ITower.

Additionally, given the interest of the government to help sectors rise during this crisis, including real estate, better and advanced developments are bound to happen. Rate of interest (ROI) is a pivotal factor while borrowing and in commercial type. Plus, the new rental laws will make the entire renting process safe and secure for the investors. These advantages of investing in real estate make for an extremely profitable long-term investment along with possession of their own property. Moreover, if one chooses to invest in SAS ITower, they can become proud owners of an iconic property with exponential gains.

Visit www.sasitower.com today to book your next premium commercial property with SAS Infra, Hyderabad and experience a risk-free, assured and fruitful investment.

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