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PHP is something that doesn’t generally catch media attention. Precise, React, Node.js, and Python are extremely popular these days. Even software engineering degrees focus their endeavors around Java and C languages. Meanwhile, PHP is cornered by other languages in the tech world.

Although PHP is the first encounter by beginners. Many people found PHP as a starting point of their career in creating digital products. But now, PHP is getting questioned for its existence. But why? This is the high time now, to open the PHP box-of-benefits.

Do you know more than 70% of websites are empowered by the PHP server-side programming language? W3techs report shows that 78.9% of websites use PHP for server-side programming.  Despite gaining less reputation, PHP managed to be the most utilized server-side language. It happened due to its affiliation with WordPress. After getting committed with WordPress PHP became the most viewed language by coders. 

Yes, the objections raised for PHP are often well-founded, but the certain changes that bring it back to the tech world are sufficient to persuade us to rethink. The language has contributed extremely well to dynamic website development.  

There might be a case that PHP is not independent like other languages, or the discussion of its less-usability is more than its contribution to the digital world. But, one thing is for sure, PHP is not “dead”. Because technology, market trends, and preferences keep on changing, so you can alter your question from “is PHP dead?” “Is PHP outdated?” But, the power it holds to create an amazing and high performing website keeps it alive.

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It’s Okay to have a misconception that PHP is dead because Java and Node.js gained all the publicity. Undoubtedly they deserve to stay at the top but ultimately they pushed other languages backstage. It’s a fact that PHP is just overshadowed by javaScript and Python. 

You might be convinced that PHP is alive but thinking from a future perspective. Will investing time and money in PHP will be a better option for the future? Is there any confirmation that PHP won’t disappoint? Let’s discuss it!

Is there any future for PHP or 25 years is enough?

Various factors conclude PHP is a secured option to empower your website in the future:

  • It is most easy to use language in contrast with some other scripting language. 
  • It is a quicker and interpretable language. 
  • PHP is truly platform dependent which implies PHP code will be run on different platforms like Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, Windows. 
  • PHP is one of the fastest and case sensitive languages. 
  • It is an open-source language having an immense network of PHP developers.

With such benefits, you can assume that PHP will have a bright future ahead. PHP offers great flexibility and compatibility that made it a base of various applications. Moreover, it is safe to use and easily affordable. Add this in your knowledge base that PHP offers easy connectivity with the MYSQL database and run numerous extensions. 

Web development criteria transform quicker than your imaginations. PHP is already a part of the constantly changing web development industry as it is all set with the latest PHP web development trends 2021 to hit the digital ground. 

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Let’s have a quick look at future trends of PHP:

  • Motion UI
  • Clubbing IoT with PHP
  • Codeigniter
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Implementing Chatbots, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Push Notification to maximize conversion
  • Blockchain Development
  • Voice Search Optimization

Yes, with such benefits, PHP does have a successful future. PHP is not only preferred by startups. But, it is also the first choice for those who are at the starting stage of their career. That means many candidates are choosing PHP to start their career as a PHP developer. There are plenty of job options available for beginners. 

No, PHP is not dead, it is going to be the biggest hit like ever before!

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