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The Ivano Frankivsk National Medical University is a university of high medical science in Ivano-Christiania, Ukraine. It is part of the Ukrainian medical colleges.One can study mbbs in Ukraine.


The background of the institution

  • The Ivano Frankivsk school of medicine has been founded in 1970. The school is affiliated with the Academy of Medical Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine. The school is internationally accredited by the American Committee for Accreditation of Medical Education (ACOME) and European Committee of Universities and Colleges (COURAGE).
  • The school was started by Dr. Ihor Fesko in collaboration with the school of medicine in Kiev, Ukraine, known as The Institute of Genetics of Medicine in Kharkov. This research group is one of the largest in the world. The school provides the students with a great knowledge of genetics, biology, cell and molecular biology and physiology. The degree of Mbbs in Ukraine has great value.
  • The IVanto Frankivsk national medical university is also very close to the world famous cities of Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odesa. These cities have a number of tourist attractions as well. Most of the tourist attractions are located just a few miles from the campus and you will have a great time visiting them during your visit to the campus.


Opportunities, faculty and infrastructure

  • The graduates of the Ivanto Frankivsk National Medical University have excellent credentials for employment in the field of gene therapyy, human genetics, stem cells, nutrition and health science. They are able to work in all branches of the field such as cardiovascular research, reproductive technologies, dermatology, nephrology and ophthalmology. There are numerous graduate scholarships that the students can apply for in order to finance their studies.
  • The school is one of the many institutes of the Ukrainian medical colleges. The bogomolets national medical university provides all the facilities that you will need to complete your studies. The school has fully equipped laboratories, dedicated faculty members, library and clinical area. The school has two faculties of medicine, including the Department of Dermatology, Laboratory Medicine and Medical Genetics.
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Speaking about the exact location and affiliation.

  • The School of Medicine at the IVanto Frankivsk national medical university is situated on the main campus in Khmelnitska, which is a small town. This city is located on the banks of the river Dnepr River. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is well connected by highways and other transport networks.
  • The IVanto Frankivsk national medical university is affiliated with several medical organizations and institutions. Ukraine mmbs is well known to World people. The IVanto Frankivsk university has a branch of the Ukrainian Orthodox University of Podgorodniya, which is also accredited by the ACOME. The college is affiliated with the Academic and Medical Council of Ukraine, which is an accrediting body of international standards.

Academic programs that one can pursue

The ivanto frankivsk national medical university has an academic program for students who want to study in the fields of medicine. There is also a degree in general medicine. If you want to study an advanced course in anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, then you should consider enrolling in the Biology and Health Science Programs. Students can also choose between the Bachelor of Health Management, Bachelor of Social Health and Wellness and Bachelor of Health Science.

Students comfort is prioritized.

  • The campus of the IVanto Frankivsk national medical university is very beautiful and it offers a large number of accommodations to students. The university has a comfortable student dormitory system, which is a perfect place for students to relax and sleep during their long academic study sessions. The campus also offers a modern office building, which can be easily accessed by students.
  • The University has an English-speaking campus and the students who have chosen to study here speak both English and Ukrainian. You will find that there are various opportunities for you to interact with the local population of the town. Many tourists come to the IVanto Frankivsk national medical university in order to experience the real culture of the Ukrainian people.
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Final words

The University is a leading Mbbs in Ukraine and therefore it attracts many students from all over the world every year. If you are interested in this particular area of medicine, you will find that the school has all the facilities that you need to complete your studies. The school has a reputation for providing a well-organized, well-maintained and well-funded education.

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