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Instagram is a great place to find a lot of inspiration for your kitchen. The app has over 600 million monthly users, and it’s easy to see why once you start browsing the #kitchen hashtag. Instagram is a visual social media site that you can turn to for inspiration for your home. Whether you’re looking for small decorating projects, new furniture, or kitchen ideas, Instagram has the perfect feed for you. We all know that style is a very important part of our lives. It can help us express who we are, what we think and feel, and how we want to be seen by the world. The kitchen is another place in your home where you should express yourself through decorating choices. Kitchen styling is a tricky thing. You can have the most beautiful pieces in your kitchen, but it will be an eyesore if it doesn’t look good together and you don’t know how to style them properly. The best way to decorate your kitchen is by using Instagram for inspiration. Get ready because we’re about to show you tricks that will make your space more stylish.

Minimal and Simple

A kitchen is the most useful room in the house. It’s also where you spend most of your time. Whether it is cooking, eating, or just hanging out with family and friends. You need to make sure that your kitchen not only looks good but feels good too! A Minimal and simple kitchen is a place where you can cook and feel relaxed. It’s calming, clean, and simple to look at. Minimalism involves using fewer furniture or kitchen items but making them work for your space instead of adding more things, making the room look overcrowded. Instead of having too many items, area rugs, and decor, minimalism requires that you have a few key pieces. In the kitchen, it’s all about finding the balance between what is needed and adding in something extra to make your space beautiful.

Create Balance in the Kitchen

The best way to make your kitchen feel like it has enough space in it is by creating balance. Balance allows you and the viewer’s eye to focus on a few key items that are important, rather than seeing too many details or clutter. There should be some anchor piece in every area of the room, whether this is an island for cooking and preparing, a table for eating and gathering around, or just an area with chairs to sit at while you have your morning coffee. Then add in the rest of the decor from there. The balance will make your kitchen feel like it has enough space and is inviting. Keep everything in proportion to one another, not just in size but also in color.

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Create a Focal Point

Another way to balance out the decor in your kitchen. And provide that “wow” factor is by creating an area of emphasis or focal point. It will be the first thing anyone sees when they walk into your home (if you’re lucky enough to have them visit your kitchen), so make it a good one! You can do this by putting up cool wallpaper, painting the walls a bold color, or hanging some beautiful art. Start with something simple like adding an area rug or runner rugsunder your table and chairs for extra coziness. Then add plants throughout your kitchen, such as potted plants on your window sill or adding greenery to the center of your table.

Make It Personal

Another way you can make your kitchen more interesting is by adding personal touches. You could add family pictures hanging up in frames throughout the room. Or add little “inspiration boards” with magazine clippings that inspire you or a cute chalkboard for jotting down shopping lists. You can also display your favorite dishes or cooking utensils for an added touch of personality. The personalized touches you add to your kitchen will make it feel like home. You can also put items meaningful or special to you in the center of your table as decor. It could be anything from a bouquet, seasonal fruits, and vegetables, shells collected during family vacations – really any item that makes you happy!

Be Brave with Your Decor

Another trick that makes a kitchen look more stylish is adding unique decor pieces, such as ornate urns and vases, large glass jars to hold fruits or vegetables, decorative plates on the wall, etc. Displaying your favorite cookbooks on your shelves can also add a personal touch. Hang pots and pans on the wall. It is not just for decor – you will find that hanging pots or pans in different shapes, sizes, and colors make it easier to keep them organized while cooking. If possible, try to hang them, so they are level with your eyes. It will help you locate them faster when cooking and make it easier to put them back in place! The design concept will provide your kitchen with a style that interior designers influence and will enjoy and appreciate.

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Mix It Up with Your Favorite Colors

Once you have the basic pieces of your kitchen styled and ready to go, it’s time to kick up the color! A little splash of fun can make a big impact on how your space feels. Choose one wall to highlight with a single color, and use your accessories to bring in some more fun colors. If you want to go bolder than just paint, consider painting cabinet doors in different colors! It is one of our favorite ways to change up a room because it’s easy and cheap. The use of colors helps brighten up your kitchen and gives it some fun personality.

Mix the Metals

Mixing metals add a pop of color without going over the top with colors. For example, if you have stainless steel appliances, try bringing in pops of color by adding silverware or colorful serving dishes! The best thing about this trick is that everything can match perfectly, and it will still look like you have a colorful kitchen. For a colorful vibe, choose blue pottery or Moroccan pattern dishes and Turkish tea sets. A really fun way to use this trick is by adding colorful plates on top of your cabinets.

Try Only Using One Color Scheme

To create balance in a space with wall colors that are drastically different, all the colors in the room must work well together. It means that you should choose one color to dominate (the wall color or an accent piece) and then use a different shade of this hue for other items like pillows, pottery, rugs, and art. Many people think that they need to paint their plain white kitchen cabinets, but the truth is it’s totally fine. Adding a bright color like lime green or mint be super fun and create an unexpected vibe in your space! You can also buy a matching rug from RugKnots to tie the interior together. The best thing about this design tip is that it’s super easy to create. Whether you have a small or large space, the kitchen needs to be functional and practical for your everyday life.

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Place Management is the Key

A kitchen is a place where you can express yourself and your style, but it’s important to remember that the kitchen also needs to be practical for everyday use. Place everything back in its proper place. Kitchen clutter is a big no-no! Keep the kitchen looking stylish without having too many items on display or taking up valuable space in your cupboards and pantries? Use baskets, trays, shelves, hooks, and other storage solutions to keep the kitchen organized. An organized and tidy kitchen is the foundation for a stylish kitchen.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know all the kitchen styling tricks to learn from Instagram, it’s time for you to start your kitchen makeover. Start by figuring out what cooking style is most prominent in your household-or, maybe even consider a new one! Once you’ve chosen a type of cuisine, it’ll be easier for us to help you find the best cookware and appliances based on our extensive knowledge. You can also use these tips as inspiration when getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with friends or family this year. Let us know how we can help bring some warmth into your home this winter season! Until next time!

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