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Retaining walls serve more than one purpose such as; levelling irregular terrain, shrugging off the forces of gravity, enhance visual appealing, turning an unworkable piece of land to terraced backdrops, reducing soil erosion. Small retaining wall construction is necessary where useless terrain is blocking the way to face Mother Nature.

If you want to boost the value of your property then properly installed small retaining walls is the right option. With the ability to stand for long and providing solid boundary these well-built walls keep the burglars and wild animals away from your land.

Here are some words on the anatomy of Small Retaining Wall Construction

Basically retaining walls are used to contain soil and sustain it in place in areas where a slope is present. Offering multiple purposes retaining wall may be used to set off yard and entertainment areas or create paths in residential.

Types of Small Retaining Wall Construction

We have outlined three main types of retaining walls quality of which depend upon the area where it to be installed and the material you choose for the construction

1.      Masonry Retaining Walls

In case you want to construct a masonry retaining wall, it is highly recommended to get a professional mason on the job.

Professional mason performs the following steps;

  • In this, the footing is placed below the front line and is made from rebar or reinforced steel a steel bar or mesh of steel wires is embedded within the concrete to strengthen it.
  • Small holes that help the water to drain water away from the wall also known as weep holes are utilized every six to eight feet.
  • In mortar-free walls, only a crushed-stone footing is used rather than a reinforced-concrete footing.
  • A batter of 1 inch per 1 foot of the wall should be added.
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Advantages of masonry retaining walls

  • It provides functional production. Masonry retaining wall prevents the hazards from the action of nature. They are used to stabilize sloped landscapes, and/or provide level surfaces on inclines. Therefore, you can insert plants as you wish without worrying about the soil running down.
  • Masonry walls also serve as the best run-off solution.Rainwater runoff can damage your land entirely if it is not prevented from infiltrating your property first. The best runoff solution is the installation of retaining walls. T

2.      Poured Concrete Retaining Walls

An expert can construct a poured concrete retaining wall for you in as professional ways as in the masonry wall.

  • The poured concrete wall must also be supplemented with a reinforced concrete footing.
  • Weep holes are embedded every six to eight feet. Poured concrete retaining walls, however, do not need a batter.

Benefits of concrete retaining wall

  • Low cost is required for concrete retaining wall maintenance. Simple manual cleaning is sufficient to keep up the aesthetic look of walls. In the case of occasional cracks, they can easily be patched with mortar.
  • Concrete is extremely strong, a vital quality when it comes to holding up tons of earth and water.
  • A concrete wall can stand up to the test of time, often lasting for a century or longer.
  • If you wanta highly-resistant retaining wall e.g. – fireproof, rot-proof, and rustproof, concrete is right for the job.
  • Nowadays, concrete offers a excess of design and colour possibilities due to its being versatile. It can be made to look like a variety of materials.
  • Concrete provides flexibility and construction design. Professional retaining wall builders canbuild them in shape of curves, angles, or staircases into the retaining wall design with a minimum of difficulty.
  • Depending upon your choice concrete can be coloured with various stains.
  • If you are a nature lover and want to contribute to green environment concrete retaining walls are the best choice. They are non-toxic. Instead, concrete wall construction involves a large percentage of natural materials, like clay, limestone, fly ash, or slag, which can be sourced locally or recycled from manufacturing processes.
  • If you don’t want to go beyond your set budget again the concrete retaining walls serve the purpose. They are economical and stand for years to come.
  • A concrete retaining wall offers ease of installation.It is not time-consuming and simply perfect to install where the slope is present.
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3.      Interlacing Concrete Block Retaining Walls

In this type of retaining wall interlacing concrete blocks are required for this a simple crushed-stone footing is utilized.

  • Heavy-duty mesh anchors every other course against the ground.
  • Interlacing concrete block retaining walls also have a batter of one inch per one foot of the wall.

Why Retaining Walls Need Replacement

If you already having retaining walls constructed in your property you may think to restore their aesthetic look or overall replacement with new small retaining wall construction. Perhaps, you are giving a second thought to your decision that why you need a new installation? So here we have listed the reasons to help you narrow down your choice. Dwindle down to find out the reasons!

  1. Leaning: this commonly happens due to tree roots, poor drainage, or a failed footing
  2. Cracking: Small cracks may be filled in but cracks more than a quarter-inch wide and deep and more than 2 feet long are signs of structural damage
  • Drooping or Sagging: it is a sign that the footing has failed at a specific spot. A professional may be able to rebuild the affected section of the wall, but depending on the extent of the failure, the whole wall may need to be replaced
  1. Bulging: this is an indication of deposit of water pressure behind the wall, or a lack of anchoring in the case of interlocking blocks. Careful excavation may save the wall, but it may need to be rebuilt.

What to Expect from Professionals

If your existing retaining walls need renovation or replacement due to any of the above-described reasons Concrete Retaining Wall Builders can do the job for you without leaving any stone unattended. Because doing it yourself can be daunting as retaining wall construction requires a lot of structural and budgetary planning.

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If you perform the construction of any type of retaining wall yourself without appropriate knowledge it may not fulfil the purpose of retaining wall. Therefore, invest the right way to get the best!

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