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The highly competitive world of the hospitality industry provides many challenges to ensure those with hotels stay ahead of their competitors and remain profitable. With so much choice for customers, it is vital that the highest standards are provided for them, while those in management roles make the right decisions to create a healthy bottom line.

For years, experienced employees have had to use their knowledge base to make those decisions, pouring over paperwork and making phone calls. Collating accurate information was time-consuming and not always successful. However, help is now at hand to increase efficiency and ensure better timely decisions are made each time for those who use the highest quality Business Intelligence tool for Hospitality who can get and stay ahead of their lesser enlightened competitors.

  • Having lightning-fast data at the fingertips of a manager allows them to make those important decisions which can increase profitability. The reporting is accurate, as is the seamless export of data so that procurement is optimised and that market trends can be followed. It allows for the right goods to be purchased at the right price, as quality is enhanced, and costs controlled. The tool provides all the data and assistance required to make any hospitality business increasingly successful.
  • The data provided is historical as well as current, as AI algorithms provide an insight and offer the right information to ensure better decisions are made. Specialist dashboards provide the data in an instant so that all aspects of the business can be monitored with charts and reports available to download to see where savings can be made and to capitalise on its successful aspects. It might be time saved to consider future-proofing a home in an employee’s spare time.
  • The data that the tool provides is perfect for optimised resource management, meaning that stock control is increased, and the best quality goods can be procured at the right price. Cost-saving opportunities will be revealed for the first time while demands are accurately forecasted. Inventory management, right through to recipe management is covered, which can elevate a restaurant ahead of the field.
  • Compliance and security are extremely important in any business, and again the cloud-based platform offers huge assistance. Urgent problems are flagged up so that a crisis can be averted, while the best monitoring of compliance ensures that the best business practices are followed, while risk management is elevated to a new level. With such peace of mind, some family fun ice skating might be a great way to relax.
  • The right reporting for the needs of those empowered and using the tool helps them check out the details that are relevant to save time having to trawl through things that don’t matter to them. It provides experienced and flexible tabular and geographical views of all the data that is required.
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Any hotel management that chooses to turn to the highest quality business tool will be stealing a march on their competitors, as seamless, accurate data allows them to make correct important decisions.

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