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First of all, this applies to some people who are creative and still learn about their passion. But children, if you start something, you end it incompletely but not in perfection. I mean, did you start cool drawing from how many days, weeks, months, or even years to become your admired artist? Well, you got to the right place, kiddo.

To be or when you first start being an artist. As beginners, what might be the priority to become the perfect actress? Should it be cool drawing from anatomy or guide books? So, in any problems, let’s start with these tips!

Step 1: tip 1, when starting to draw, learn by observation, not from imagination

It’s hard to see what you’re looking at, but it trains your eye to analyze what it sees and transfer what you see to a cool drawing. Whether it’s looking at a photo or scene or person, draw from your composition (meaning framing what you’re looking at), and then you move on to the actual cool drawing ideas. Don’t worry about getting supply or getting to perfection. If you have a piece of paper and a pencil you should be able to draw. Also, make it light and loose for beginners. If you start cool drawings from observation, try these exercises.

Draw upside down

Drawing upside down can be a difficult task, but you can print a clip art of some cool drawing ideas and no trace. Then, invert the image and start cool drawing.

Drawing positive and negative spaces

You do this 3d drawing easy by first outlining what you will draw and then using those spaces to shade them. Positive space is the object close to you, and negative space is the object outside of you.

Simplify the shape by making motion lines and drawing (more advanced stuff)

Sometimes you need to simplify things in your life. Why not simplify what you see in an art form?


Bring life to your drawing sometimes by adding tones and different shades to your cool drawing.

Step 2: tip 2, get advice from other artists or learn from other artists

Getting advice from them should be after you start drawing by observation. Then show what you got! If they say, you need more improvements. Then practice and learn from your mistakes. If they say one nice thing about your art, then keep practicing! But what if other friends are better than you and you get an actor. Don’t be regretful and ask your friend if they got some creative block. Also, ask another artist to teach you how to draw better. It’s better to learn from your whims than to go to school.

Step 3: tip 3, sometimes you need to find your style and keep it.

Now you notice other people’s cool drawings easy and different scenes. Now, this is the hard part. You have to find your style. Therefore, if you want to be a comics designer, mangaka, or animator, you must understand your style. Also, don’t be afraid to challenge new styles as they can also be fun. If you are an abstract or realistic person, knowing these things can greatly benefit your art career.

Now to wrap up this whole article. It will help if you learned how to be an artist by observing, studying, and developing your art career or passion. Thanks to Mark Crilley, who inspired me to draw on an everyday basis. Thanks to people for the great comments, and I hope you enjoy your day.


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