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When we think of beauty, our focus shifts to a thick mane that falls perfectly in place and flawless and dewy skin. But we are missing a crucial aspect, our lips! Lips: Reorienting the focus

Since lips are at the focal point on our face, therefore, they play a pivotal role in our appearance. Having chapped and dry lips is not just unaesthetic, but they are also more prone to damage and the accompanying pain.

There are so many facets to consider when taking care of our lips. There is pigmentation, then the chapping. Some of us suffer from sun damage because we often neglect the need for SPF on the lips.

Few people are also in the habit of constantly licking their lips, which can cause yeast buildup on the lips. It then leads to angular cheilitis, which is characterized by inflammation at the corner of the lips. People thus have to get treatment from the Skin specialist in Lahore for this ailment.

What to do now?

While you cannot control factors like weather that affect the health of your lips, you can, however, have a robust lip-care routine. Some helpful tips include:

1 Exfoliate

When we do not exfoliate, dead skin forms layers onto the surface, which is why lips become flaky and dry.

However, do not go overboard with exfoliation as it can otherwise break your skin and causing bleeding. An easy way to exfoliate is by using a soft toothbrush. You can also use sugar scrubs or make one for yourself.

Another tip is putting on ample lip-balm before going to bed, which will make the skin soft and pliable. When you wake up, gently run a washcloth over your lips to get the dead skin going.

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2 Hydrate

Dehydration leads to chapping of the lips, which is why the appearance of lips helps in determining a case of lack of hydration.

Thus, to keep your energy levels up, promote your health and have smooth lips, you should drink plenty of water. Aim for 8 glasses at the very least.

3 Moisturize

Our lips are especially prone to drying, as they, unlike our skin, do not have oil glands that help in preventing moisture loss. Thus, when water is lost, so is the plumpness of the lips. They become dry and look unpleasant as well.

Moisturizing, on the other hand, helps in improving the texture of the lips, by forming a barrier against water loss. Therefore, always keep a trust balm on you.

You can also use aloe vera as a DIY moisturizer. Its healing properties are great for remedying the damage done due to dryness.

4 Vitamin E

A great friend to your skin, vitamin E is likewise effective for your lips. Since it promotes circulation, vitamin E helps in the regeneration of the cells. You simply need to take a capsule, cut it to release the liquid goop, and apply that directly to your lips.

5 Quit smoking

One of the reasons why you should stop smoking is to save your lips. Cigarettes lead to discoloration of the lips, making them look extremely purple and antithesis of the rosy plump lips that we all aspire for.

6 Protect against sun damage

Much like you protect your skin against the Sun, you also need to be considerate about your lips as well. Using SPF 15+ is beneficial for your lips, as it helps in preventing sun damage and also mitigates signs of aging.

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For protecting your lips, you need to use special lip balm that you can consult a Skin specialist in Karachi for. It is also important to reapply the balm after an hour or so, just like you would your regular sunscreen. Hope you love reading about Guide About Reorienting the focus .

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