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With over 675 million connections, LinkedIn has one of the world’s highest audiences. Thus, marketers are looking for opportunities to turn their potential audience into their customers. But driving engagement needs a foolproof strategy and the best social media management tools. 

Are you looking for a smarter and effective way to engage your customers on LinkedIn? This blog serves as a step-by-step guide to teach you how to do so.

Today, businesses of all sizes are focused to connect and engage their customers through LinkedIn marketing. The key to a successful LinkedIn profile is to make an emphatic impression instantly. So, you need to reach and engage more of your target audience to deliver the desired outcomes ultimately.

According to studies, more and more businesses are turning to LinkedIn to meet their marketing goals. It reveals that LinkedIn marketing is for every business. The platform creates several marketing opportunities for marketers worldwide.

Engaging your customers on LinkedIn needs a well-planned and foolproof strategy. It may be tough to execute it manually. But using the best social media marketing tools such as Prcatina will streamline the processes and make it much easier for you.

Before creating one, let’s discuss why you need one.


Benefits of Growing Customer Engagement on LinkedIn

Here are some of the best advantages to know why you need to focus on improving how customers interact with your brand-

Grow Your Revenue

Customer engagement will help you to increase your sales. The highly engaged prospects and customers will keep interacting with your brands more often. It means there are high chances that they would avail of your services or buy your products.

So, it is important to keep your audience engaged on LinkedIn through appealing posts. It will help you to fill your sales funnel, profitability, and ultimately lead to business growth. Using the best social media marketing tools will make it easier for you.

Word-of-Mouth Advertisement

The more your customers see you on LinkedIn, the more you will keep them engaged. They can serve as a valuable source of free promotion of your business. Thus, they will share your posts on LinkedIn, tell their friends and family members about your services/products, share a positive experience with others.

Thus, you will attract the attention of their connections and the people related to your customers. It not only grows brand awareness but also gives your business more exposure. Hence, you will be able to emerge a strong brand personality in the market.

Foster Stronger Relationships

Studies suggest that businesses that retain their customers are more successful than businesses that don’t. So, the prospects and customers who are connected to you over LinkedIn, will regularly see your posts and interact with you more frequently.

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This will help you to build a loyal customer base and drive more sales. Thus, customer engagement can help you to turn them into repeat customers. You can foster stronger relationships with them by leveraging the channel. If you use automatic social media management tools like Practina, it will save your time to communicate with your customers.

Constantly Improve Your Strategy

Your engaged customers will share honest feedback and experiences with you. The regular feedback will unlock doors of opportunities to know your weaknesses. So, you can easily refine your customer-focused strategies and deliver a better customer experience.

Your loyal prospects and customers will help you know where you are lacking. Listen to them and make the necessary changes. You will be amazed to see your business flourishing meeting customer demands.

So, these are the compelling reasons to improve the customer engagement rate. If you also want to engage customers on LinkedIn, you must follow this guide.


Set Up Your Foundation

When starting to use LinkedIn, understand what the platform holds for you. Know why you are using the social media channel. Once you learn the importance of LinkedIn marketing, it is time to set your foundation.

You must create your LinkedIn business account. Make sure you fill in all the details as asked. It would help people to learn about your business, your products, and services, your work ethics, your expertise. Ensure that you create a strong business description to set up an influential foundation on LinkedIn.

While creating a business description, you need to think about why your audience should interact with you. If you don’t feel confident enough, you can use the best social media management tools to create, manage, and optimize your LinkedIn business account.

Get Familiar with LinkedIn Practices

Linkedin post scheduler

Learning about the changing dynamics and guidelines about the channel is essential. Over time, the channel has turned from a communicating platform for professionals to a leading marketing platform. So, make sure you are familiar with what’s trending on LinkedIn.

You must conduct a competitive analysis to identify what your competitors are doing. It will help you to gain important market insight into how you can make your business stand-out among others. So, utilize the latest features and trending industry practices to connect with your customers.

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Build Your Network

Now is the right to start building your connections. But before that, make sure your LinkedIn business profile is professional, authentic, and impactful. It is because your profile is the first impression that will inspire people to connect with your brand.

Find who your target audience is and start sending connection requests to people you think may be interested in your business and your offerings. With advanced LinkedIn features, you can send personalized invitations to your high-value connections.

Establish Yourself as a Brand

After building a significant network on LinkedIn, it’s time to present yourself as a brand. So, focus on finding opportunities to showcase your products and services. Tell a brand story on how your business will make a difference in your customer’s life. Also, share the value you can provide to them.

You must know about your audience’s pain points. You should address how your offerings will help them to cope up with their issues. You can share your existing customer’s reviews as LinkedIn posts to become a recognized brand.

The best social media marketing tools such as Practina will help you to turn customers’ reviews into posts automatically. It will save your time and help you establish your brand. People love brands that prioritize customer empathy and post entertaining yet informative posts.

Share the Right Message

Do you know what your audience wants to hear? Do you know their preferences and values? Well, do thorough research to build the message that your prospects and connections will love to hear.

Studies suggest that brands who share informational or educational content are successful when it comes to LinkedIn marketing. Also, people love brands that give them diverse content. So, make sure your message is right, likable, and unique.

However, you must set your brand voice and tone to share the right message with people. It will also help you show yourself as a distinguished brand.

Create Perfect Posts

Only delivering the right message is not the key to engage your audience. In the competitive LinkedIn market ecosystem, make sure you create perfect posts. It means your posts should be meaningful, aesthetic, relevant to the industry, and match your audience’s taste.

The industry professionals say that visual content is important to attract your prospects and customers on LinkedIn. So, create quality images that meet the standards set by the platform. Also, make sure the size of the image is as per LinkedIn guidelines.

Hashtags are another factor that helps to boost the searchability of your brand, posts, products, and services. So, craft posts with the right decision, beautiful visuals, and relevant and trending hashtags.

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Does creating perfect posts on LinkedIn overwhelm you? Try using the best social media marketing tool such as Practina that crafts perfect posts for you.

Start Two-way Conversations

Publishing the precisely created posts will impress your audience. You will definitely get likes, comments, direct messages, and feedback from your connections.

But your job is not over yet.

You must encourage positive interactions on LinkedIn. Quickly responding to their messages, comments, and complaints are what you need to do. But marketers often complain that LinkedIn marketing processes keep them so busy that they have no time left for two-way conversation.

Here’s when you should use social media auto post & scheduler. It automates the methods and streamlines the processes. Hence, you save time to interact with your audience. After all, people love brands that listen to them and respond to them quickly.

Maintain Content Consistency

The common mistake that people make is to maintain consistency while posting on social media. Be it Facebook or LinkedIn, people look upon their favorite brands to deliver them consistent content. So, you should not disappoint your customers.

Manually maintaining consistency in your posts is really a challenge. So, use a LinkedIn post scheduler that will help you to schedule the perfect posts to reach your audience. No matter if you are on leave, vacation, or it is a weekend or holiday, your audience will be seeing your posts. So, you will be able to maintain an active presence on LinkedIn.

Also, you will be able to reach your customers at the right time. You can easily schedule your posts that will be published at the optimal time when most of your audience is active on LinkedIn. So, choose the best tool for scheduling LinkedIn posts for your business.

This is the ultimate guide to drive engagement on LinkedIn in easy steps. By using these proactive helpful strategies, you will be able to build connections, attract more people, and engage with them. Also, you can use the best social media marketing tools to streamline the processes. The complete management tools such as Practina make LinkedIn marketing experience easy for you!


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