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React is a popular JavaScript framework code library developed for building eye-catching user interfaces. React Native developers can easily build native mobile applications for both Android and iOS. Plus, whether it is a mobile application or web application, react-native works perfectly fine for cross-platform apps by providing very fast and efficient performance.When it comes to react-native there are various tools used that make people confused many times. This raises a question in their mind every time and it is, which tools should be used for react native?

Today we will discuss here a list of top tools for hire react native developers should use in react native app development:



Atom is an open-source text editor. It was developed by GitHub and works on different platforms such as Linux, Windows, and many more. Electron programming language has been used for writing Atom. Why react native developers use this tool let’s see:

1.Cross-platform Editing

2.Smart auto-completion

3.Built-in package manager

4.Customizable themes and designs

Browse through multiple files in one window



Expo is a toolchain built around React Native that helps in creating iOS and Android apps using JavaScript and React Native languages. It is available for free hence, it’s an open-source technology. It provides some unique services to react-native developers as follows:



2.Slack Community

3.Development Tools

4.Community Forums



ESLint is an open-source tool that uses the JSX and JavaScript language to analyze the source code and identify programming errors that may exist and it runs on Node.js. ESLint works on cross platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. React Native developers use it because of the following reasons:

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2.Built-in as well as customized plugins.

3.Clear Communication as well as documentation.



Flow is specifically recommended by react-native programmers because of its static typing feature. It provides you smarter, faster, and reliable coding. Of course, flow is also an open-source technology and free for use. It was developed by Facebook and offers the following services:

1.Type Inference

2.Easy Integration

3.Feedback in real-time

4.Customizable JavaScript



Nuclide is an open-source and free to use React Native tool develop by Facebook that helps react native developers in the task of software development. It provides hack-ability and has great community support that is always willing to help you out. Following are the top services Nuclide provides:

1.Task Runner

2.Working Sets

3.Hack Development

4.Built-in Debugging

5.Mercurial Support

6.Remote Development

7.JavaScript Development





Reacttotron is a desktop apps developed by infinite Red. It’s open-source and works on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, and Linux. It provides the following services to react-native developers:

1.Application States

2.Quick Benchmarks

3.Dispatch Actions

4.Console.log Messages

5.API Requests/ Responses

6.Design Overlay for Pixel-perfect components.

7.Real-time Event Timeline that helps in tracking the app functioning in real-time.


7.React Navigation:

React Native developers use React Navigation because it allows them to use routing & navigation in their react native apps by using built-in navigators such as Drawer, Stack, & Tab. It has been written JavaScript and offers services like:

1.Extensible Platforms

2.Customizable JavaScript

3.Built components for Android and iOS



Redux is one of the popular tools used by react native developers. It provides live code editing with a time-traveling debugger. It is a free source written in JavaScript. Let’s see the following services react-native offers.

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1.Easy Testing of Apps

2.Create applications that can run in all kinds of environments like client, server, and native.



Ignite CLI is a react native toolchain having plugins and boilerplates that works on Android and iOS. It’s open-source and has been developed by Infinite Red. It offers you the following services:

1.API Testing


3.Usage Examples

4.Customizable Themes






Native base is an open-source tool to use react-native components for Android and iOS app development. It was developed by Geeky Aunts. Some of its features include:

1.Essential Cross-platform UI Components

2.Native Environment to develop Native Applications



If you are looking to hire dedicated react native developer for your project, consider these tools must be used by developers as well as they should have in-depth knowledge about them to create an extraordinary, eye-catching, and responsive application in a lesser period. Hire react native developers concurrently offer React Native mobile App Development Services on both the Android and iOS devices.

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