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Chronic nervousness and worry are two major reasons behind anxiety that affects millions around the world. Some individuals try to cope up with alcohol or drugs but these are addictive behaviors that only deepen the problem. They might work for a short period, but do not help alleviate the underlying cause of anxiety.

The advantages of yoga for improving your mental and physical health are known to everyone. Meditation is a major part of yoga. There is a lot more than yoga offers to get you out of a stressful situation.

With that said, it is time to know how it is possible to relieve stress with yoga in the long run.

How Yoga Helps Fight Stress and Anxiety

The brain’s first response during a stressful situation is there is no escape or solution to the problem, which is farther from the truth. The regular practice of yoga includes correct breathing techniques that calm down the mind.

The stress-relieving yoga works best when it comes to relaxing the mind and body. It is not about listening to the outside noise but more about connecting with inner-self.

Do you know there are specific yoga postures that help you find relief from stress? Read on below to find out about the top 3 yoga poses you can practice finding relief from anxiety.

Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

The yoga poses mentioned below will help you when it comes to dealing with anxiety or depression in the long run. Make sure to practice each of these poses for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes to reap its full benefits.

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These poses are not just for anxiety but also an important part of self-love. These help the mind and body remain calm in a stressful situation.

1. Standing Forward Bend

The best yoga poses you can practice without any need for a mat. The Standing Forward Pose is highly beneficial when you want to release bodily tension and relax.

How to Perform the Standing Forward Bend

1) Stand with feet hip-width apart or closed together.

2) Keep the spine straight while raising both arms overhead. Hinge from your hips and try touching the toes by reaching downwards. You have the option to let both arms hang loose or hold opposite elbows with opposite hands.

3) Release all tension from the shoulders, head, and upper back.

4) Close your eyes and take deep breaths. You can hold this position for as long as it feels comfortable.

2. Legs Up the Wall

If you are looking for yoga for anxiety poses to improve immune and nervous system functioning then the Legs Up the Wall pose is perfect. It improves the lymphatic system and keeps the mind calm.

Guidelines to Perform Legs Up the Wall

1) Place the yoga mat against the wall to stretch both legs.

2) Next, keep both buttocks as close to the wall as possible. Curl to your side first, press both hips to the wall and turn when you can stretch both legs straight on the wall.

3) Relax both arms by the sides with both palms facing upwards.

4) Close your eyes and clear the mind by focusing on the breath.

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5) Take 5 counts to inhale and exhale. Release all the tension and hold the pose for as long as it is comfortable.

3. The Corpse Pose

The easiest yoga for depression and anxiety poses you can practice without any hassle. It is also the hardest pose for calming down the mind and spirit.

Instructions to How to Practice the Corpse Pose

1) Lie down on the mat with arms by the side. Keep both palms upwards and relax the legs. Make sure to keep both feet turned towards the sides of the mat.

2) You can place a pillow under both knees for supporting the lower back and relieving the tension.

3) Close your eyes and release any tension in the face.

4) Make sure you take deep breaths until the body and mind are in a relaxed state.


Yoga does a lot more than just helping you relax physically. The yoga for anxiety poses give the much-needed relief from the unnecessary stress of everyday life. Make sure you inculcate these postures and follow the correct guidelines for reaping the maximum benefits.

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