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Wearing a fragrant perfume is capable of changing the aura around you. It reflects and boosts your personality. Even when you are in a stylish outfit, well-groomed in the best formal suit, or ready to go out with perfect jewelry, you are never fully dressed without perfume. But when you shop for a good perfume, you are not sure what to buy and what not to buy. In this blog, we have handpicked luxury and premium perfumes for men and women. All these are high-end perfumes with the assured long-lasting effect, which are in high demand.

Luxury Perfumes for women

1.  Hugo Boss Female Perfume

Hugo Boss has launched multiple perfumes designed at Hugo Boss house. This perfume is it’s one of the masterpieces. This fragrance is the blend of blackcurrant and tangerine, which gives top-notch fruity aroma. This perfume’s alluring and likable smell will compel the by-passers to take a deep breath and inhale the sweet fragrance. It stays with you for a considerably long time and leaves with you a clean and fresh scent.

2. Titan Skin Sheer Perfume for Women

It is a light perfume that brightens up your days. It has an unmatchable smell of fresh green pears and strawberries, keeping you energized and refreshed. Titan Skin Sheer Perfume is easily found in the Indian market, and it is suitable for all kinds of skin types and occasions. This sweet luxury fragrance will uplift your mood any day.  So, add this perfume masterpiece to your collection of luxury perfumes.

3. Revlon Charlie Red Perfume for Women

This perfume projects an intense fruity and floral smell. It includes the refreshing aromas of violet, orange, plum, blackcurrant, gardenia, and peach. You can also purchase its floral version, which has the fragrance of jasmine, lily, rose, and orchids. It gives a magnificent scent that lasts long. This irresistible fragrance is just made to smell fresh as a sunny day flower blooms.

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4. Davidoff Cool Water for Women

Davidoff Cool water perfume lives by its name. You would feel as coming out from the water like a mermaid when you will wear this perfume. It is one of the most demanded women perfume in India. It is easily recognizable from a distance. With a refreshing fragrance, it comes in a beautifully designed bottle. If you have not used it yet, then you are missing out on fantastic perfume. It would be great if you purchase this online from sites like Lifestyle. Use the Lifestyle Coupon Code while buying your favorite fragrance. You can browse other perfumes suitable for you.

5. Guess Perfume for Women

Guess perfume comes in a beautifully designed pink bottle. It is one of the most reputed brands in the perfume industry. It comes in various fragrances like Bergamo, green apple, peach, freesia, etc. It gives you a very distinctly long-lasting fragrance. Don’t miss trying this perfume next time.

6. Carolina Herrera Good Girl Perfume

Wear Caroline perfect perfume to spread the aroma like a Jasmine. You can choose this fragrance for a unique and iconic impression. The company has dominated the perfume manufacturing market for the last decade. It is the combination of tuberose and roasted Tonka, which give unique fragrance to make you stand out of the rest. Don’t miss trying this handpicked perfume.

Premium Perfumes for men

7. Prada Luna Rossa Sport Perfume

The sporty perfume suits gentlemen, and it adds to their personality. This perfume, in particular, is filled with the pleasing aroma of fresh yet strong fragrance. It is the blend of ginger and lavender with the rich essence of vanilla. It displays a strong, captivating masculine scent. Prada Luna would be an excellent option for you to wear the perfume this season. So if you are looking for the options to buy perfect perfume this season, then don’t miss out on this option.

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8. Bvlgari AQVA Cologne

The masculine scent of Bvlgari AQVA cologne is an unforgettable fragrance.  It has the perfect blend of musky and contemporary perfumes. The perfume is available in different variants like citrus and fruity, which are unique and captivating. After wearing it, surely many heads will turn towards you. So go ahead and add cologne to your collection of fine perfumes.

9. Jimmy Choo Man

Wear Jimmy Choo cologne to reflect your confidence. It elevates your personality and displays your rich taste of styling. The scent is earthy and masculine that caters to the demands of corporate professionals. You can define your presence by this intense and long-lasting perfume. So what are you waiting for? Get this irresistible perfume to impress your girl and bosses.

10. UCB United Dreams Aim High Perfume

UCB or United Colors of Benetton, is every man’s favorite brand for reasonable men collection. It also has a range of perfume suitable for men. UCB United Dreams Aim High Perfume is another excellent perfume choice for creating your perfect first impression. It blends the fragrance of grapefruit, wood, moss to create unique and distinguishing perfumes. We will recommend you to buy this perfume if you want to mark your presence with a strong masculine fragrance.


Good perfume plays a vital role in enhancing your personality. It does not merely work for odor smell control but transforms the aura and lifts the mood. There is plenty of option for luxury perfumes for men and women. You can pick a suitable fragrance according to your personality and occasions. The options may vary from being playful, timid, mischievous, refreshing, cool, floral, or intense scents. Here we have listed ten perfumes in high demand under women and men section. Therefore, next time when you are out for perfume shopping, you know which ones to test before you purchase. We hope this blog was helpful to you.