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With uncertainties looming over the job market for learn make money online in 2021 it’s only wise for an individual to make the best of online job opportunities. Some perks of online jobs are:

  • No 9-5 fixed timing; you can use your spare time to make money.
  • Good writing skills can bring in many freelance work opportunities
  • Not mandatory to have advanced skillsets
  • Financial independence, even in this pandemic-hit market.
  • Motivates to bring dreams into reality
  • Develops crucial social skills – from networking to writing skills

If you are looking for how to make money online in 2021 or a guide for graduates, let me tell you that it’s no rocket science. It’s a skill to identify an opportunity and make the best of it for a better life. Let’s now explore some of the best online job options for your utmost benefits.

 4 Proven Ways To Make Online In 2021

  1. Freelancer:

 It’s common knowledge that online jobs are in high demand. And if you have digital skills, there’s no stopping you from developing a high-paid freelance career. It doesn’t matter how much experience you hold or what industry you belong to; you can leverage online job opportunities on platforms like Flexjobs. A few popular freelance options include:

  • Content or Copywriting:Companies are always looking for good writers to outsource projects at a reasonable price. If you have the needed skills, you can try many writing gigs to get started.
  • Software development:If you are a graduate with programming skills, I can assure you that there are endless job options in the area. Due to the pandemic, most companies are working remotely, which has created more online job opportunities for developers.
  • Designer:Most brands are now focused on improving their online presence to attract the target customers. Whether it’s graphic designing, web designing, or infographics, you can use sites like Upwork to find relevant jobs.
  • Web development:All businesses are focused on developing websites to increase traffic and increase conversion rates. If you know HTML, PHP, and JavaScript, the chances are high that you will bag good projects online.
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It ultimately depends on your skills and experience. Say you are a computer science graduate with two or three years of experience, you can ask for a high amount. But if you are a fresher, you can earn $10-$30 an hour.

  1. Online subject matter expert:

 I know many in my circle who started their careers as tutors to earn make money online in 2021. If you enjoy teaching and are skilled at writing and using the internet, try teaching online. Online tutoring is now the need of the hour and can be a great way to earn money without any investment.


The pay cycle for online tutoring is either monthly or hourly. Some websites pay monthly to teach for 4 to 5 hours while others pay hourly around $30 to $50 a day for experienced tutors. Many websites hire the best for online essay rewriter tool . Whether to provide essay writing or law assignment help, use tutoring sites like TutorHub, Get Paid to Teach, and Chegg Tutors to get paid for your skills.

  1. Blogging:

 More than 133 million blogs exist on the internet – and the number will only grow. In 2021, blogging isn’t entirely a unique idea. It was a crucial part of marketing, still is, and will remain so in the future. If you want to make money blogging, determine what you are passionate about and if there’s more sharing the passion.

Even though blog writing is quite extensive, always select a unique subject to stand out from the rest. Identify the target readers, understand your writing platform – be it Shopify or WordPress, and focus on keywords to expand in relevant categories.

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You can also add affiliate links in your blogs with disclaimers or create sponsored posts for different products and services to monetize your blog and create a buzz among your readers.

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A blogger’s earnings range from $100 to $10,000 a month. For budding bloggers, it may range from $100 – $300 per month. But with more experience, you can earn more than $5000 a month.

4 Video Content Creator:

 A few years back, only a few created YouTube video content to fan their passion for video editing. It was more of a pass time than a serious career option.

But the tables have turned. Individuals now earn millions of dollars annually from posting tutorials, life hack videos, and any other content relevant to the viewers. If college life didn’t leave you with any spare time to follow your passion for becoming a video content creator, now is the time.

You don’t only have to rely on YouTube to monetise your content – there are countless other platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat. These platforms have a massive number of super-active users, constantly shuffling from one app to another.

However, before you create a YouTube channel or TikTok account, keep in mind a single niche: educational or entertainment. It doesn’t matter what topic you choose; optimise the headings with the right keywords for quick search.


You can monetise your YouTube with YouTube Ads after you cross the 1000 subscribers’ milestone. The more views, the more dollars you earn. For instance, you may make $2 for every 1000 views of your video. So if your video gets 1M views, you may earn almost $2000 for one video!

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Final Thoughts

These days, there are endless ways of earning online. It only needs your focus, time, and patience to make the journey worthwhile. If you are determined to earn money online, choose a way that you are genuinely passionate about. When you start earning money for something you are passionate about, nothing can stop you from attaining success.

Making  money is hard but we should need to try at least like blogging , content writing , marketing, freelancing ,  graphic designing, ads marketing, social media management these all skills are money-making skills in 2021 you should need to follow all

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