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Have you heard about this most popular backroom debate between the marketing and design department? Oh yes! When creating any marketing campaign, it resembles sports team opposition.

Both the departments work for the same accomplishment to create a simple, clean and attractive web design. And each one has different pressure that generates tension. For example, suppose the goal of a marketer is to generate business value by driving customers. In that case, web design and development services aim to create value for their customers and offer them a good experience. Let’s delve into how they blend together.

Perspective of marketer

Marketers’ work is about connecting to people and talking to them about a product or service. The main aim is to build interest in a brand. So they usually market in terms of content, sales funnel, conversation, brand tone, etc. Many marketers succeed in winning customers by offering their services/products at low prices. They come up with different strategies every time.

Marketers’ focus is on planning new strategies to impact many customers and convince them to buy your services or product. It is a marketing approach.

Perspective of designer

Designers think by considering the end-user in mind. Then, move upward to the moment where the end-user is using the product or service. It is a human-centric technique that is adopted by user interface designers as well as by industrial designers.

If you bring the designing approach first against the marketing approach, you will come up with different questions. Because as a designer, you will ask yourself to create something that influences your target audience. A thing that every individual shares with others.

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It is an approach that relies on empathy for your customers. You need to make many improvements to your products as the designers mostly talk of hierarchy, purpose, experience, and emotions.

3 examples of designers and marketers working together

1. Clear CTAs

CTAs define clarity. You are telling people what exactly they need to do next. No one will buy your product/service online if they don’t figure out your call to action. It is a point of connection between marketers and designers.

Marketers want crispness, ease, and clarity. Designers want their CTA to look attractive.

What stands out? It’s obvious, the CTA.

Where does your eye go? Where the marketers want!

It works within the overall design. It should be a beautifully crafted button to blend with a website, not a clumsy button added at the last minute. Efforts should be equal from the marketing and design to do their best.

2. Concentration on Copy is a must!

A marketing and web design ladder goes like this:

First Copy and then everything else.

Images and video engagements are crucial, but you still need a copy to do the uncountable work when it comes to communication and engaging the audience. So here, the web design and development service needs to highlight that quality copy.

Hey, what’s the ace card here to play with? Simplicity! The simplicity of the landing page must tell the user what to do and how. Therefore, the design should clearly highlight your copy.

3. Scrolling design

Scrolling designs hold the future. Scrolling sites are better as they will reduce bounce rate, give better conversion, and look great on any device. Also, it can be shared more. There are many cost-effective options with plenty of services available for businesses.

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A scrolling site allows the designer and marketer to control the order your user will experience on your site. Of course, far more than a paginated design. You have the authority over how the story unfolds. And that means you can write a beginning, a middle, and an end conversion to a final bigger CTA.

2 winning ways to work with application and design

There is a thin line of difference between UX and marketing in designing an application and its use in digital marketing. Let’s discuss how and the ways to do it.

Take a call for UX teams for internal application development

Many applications allow customers to interact with technology for various business objectives smoothly. Certain systems allow businesses to function effectively, such as HR applications, customer service software, or accounting software.

Now is the time to enhance the user experience through the whole spectrum of business. And it applies to internal customers as well as to external customers. This will deliver innovation and improvement throughout the organization and promote an organization-wide design thinking ability.

In an entire business, ecosystem involves marketing and design thinking

The biggest success starts when the marketing and UX team joins hands to develop effective solutions. Then, the thinking and strategies should be applied to the entire brand ecosystem.

  • A design seems to be excellent when it is aesthetically crafted and solves the user’s problems as well.
  • A marketer’s strategy gets successful when the campaign not only drives customers but also convinces the customers to take the desired action.

A perfect combination of marketing and design teams in the internal task will facilitate the coordination between the internal staff. Such types of interaction allow teams in all kinds of business tasks to make a winning team. It confronts, experiments, and collaborates to bring out the best efforts in them.

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Key Takeaways

  • The main perspective of a marketer is to build interest in your brand and convince them to take a certain action.
  • The main perspective of a designer is to think from the user’s end.
  • Clear CTA, Scrolling designs, and focusing on the copy leads are the leading examples of designers and marketers working together.
  • Design should solve the user’s intended problem, not just pleasing to eyes.
  • When designers and marketers shake hands together, they come out with innovative solutions, and success starts happening.

Wrapping up:

Marketing and design are two different and isolated fields. But when a modern approach combines the two, they come out with innovative ideas that lead to the success of a product. Professionals should focus on ideal marketing strategies and responsive web design services and work together on a particular project for better results.

Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.