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The accuracy of flow rate readings depends heavily on the type of liquid flowmeter used. That is why it is important to consider the right type of flow meter to be used in your application. Flow meters are vital instruments needed for measuring the flow rate of various liquids and gases. Flow meters are not only used for domestic purposes, but they also play major roles in ensuring safety and accuracy in industrial processes. Normally, when measuring flow rate, there has to be a channel where the media passes through. It can be an enclosed pipe or an open channel. Based on the application, flow meters are ideal devices for ascertaining the flow rate of gases and liquids used or being processed in industries. 

Pairing your flow meter with the right application is the first step of fully benefiting from these critical flow rate measurement tools. Inquiring from the manufacturer to know which liquid flowmeter is ideal will help you with the flow meter selection process. You also need to analyze factors such as the price of the flow meter, installation requirements, and the type of media that needs to be measured. It will be difficult to maintain safety measures and check flow rate accuracy if flow meters are not used. 

What is a Mechanical Liquid Flowmeter? 

Mechanical water flow meters are the most commonly used flow rate measurement devices in liquid and gas flow industries. What makes mechanical water flow meters popular flow measurement instruments is their affordability and low running costs. One thing you must understand about mechanical flow meters as the name suggests is that it runs mechanically. This means that it doesn’t require electrical energy to run. The flow meter has moving parts inside it used to measure the flow rate when the liquid goes through it. Rotations made by the turbine determine the flow rate.

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A mechanical flow meter can be designed in three ways: paddle, shunt, or propeller. Rotations made by the blades as the fluid runs through them are used to determine the flow rate. Since mechanical flow meters have several moving parts, they can’t be used with dirty water because accumulated dirt may clog and damage the spinning blades. Once the parts are clogged, it becomes difficult for the flow meter to measure the flow rate accurately. Slurry substances may also interfere with the flow rate measurement. Therefore, you shouldn’t measure them using this type of flow rate meter. Constant maintenance and calibration are vital if you want to maintain measurement accuracy.

How to Select an Ideal Mechanical Liquid Flowmeter 

Just like any other measurement instrument, there are various factors to consider when selecting flow meters. By examining these factors, you will be able to make the right choice when selecting a flow meter for your application. Let’s look at some of them. 

Accuracy Levels Needed – This refers to accuracy demands in the system or application. You need to know that not all fluids and gases will demand the same accuracy from flow meters. Some flow meters may require higher accuracy levels to maintain product quality and ensure safety standards are met. 

The durability of the Flow Meter – When you buy a flow meter, you need to understand how long it will last before being replaced or repaired. While other types of flow meters last for a long time, some require replacement, especially those operating using moving parts. 

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The Maintenance Requirements – Flowmeters such as the turbine flow meter operate mechanically. This means that they will require constant maintenance and calibration to function properly. Other flowmeters, such as ultrasonic or electromagnetic flowmeters, have no moving parts and don’t come into contact with the measured media. These types of flow meters hardly require maintenance. 


As you can see, there are various types of flow meters that you can get for your application, mechanical liquid flowmeter being one of them. However, before purchasing any of the flow meters for your application, ensure that you understand its requirements to benefit from it fully. 

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