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Mentoring can be a personal as well as a professional development method of team management which is practiced in many modern workplaces. Where Mentees get guidance and motivation through mentors which aids in their career progression. While mentoring, mentors to are benefitted by developing their skills, knowing their capabilities, and improving their leadership capacity. This mentoring criteria hence boost the productivity in the workplace and is helpful for both mentors as well as the mentee to become a more efficient employee and excel as an individual as well as a professional.

But in order to maintain a good mentor-mentee relationship, it is very crucial to find a learned and experienced mentor who can provide us with guidance concerning the capability and efficiency of the mentee. A good mentor strongly influences his mentee in a positive manner which allows him to deal with his career choices more confidently.

Here are Five Key aspects of being a good Mentor:

Be friendly:

It’s really important that we first give a friendly hand to the mentee rather than a bossy look. We should try not to be bossy or feel proud before them instead we should be more humble and listen to their problems. This will develop a clear exchange of thoughts and ideas in the mentor-mentee relationship and develop a healthy relationship that can go a long way in helping each other attain their goals.

Knowing our Mentee as a person:

We should ask the mentee about his/her dreams, what’re their goals further, what kind of working style he/she prefers, etc. This can make us know them deeper as a person and appreciate their good qualities as well as help them to make the best use out of them. And when we come across their weakness we can help them turn them into their strength as well

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Develop good communication skills:

Having polished communication skills can go a long in ensuring that a healthy and meaningful relationship is formed between the mentor and the mentee. As a communication gap or lack of clear communication can affect the relationship in an adverse manner. It may also result in frustration and tension if the guidelines we are providing for the progress of our mentee are not well defined and it can be damaging to the relations as well to the career of our mentee. A few misinterpreted messages can change a lot of things.

Honour their achievements:

No matter how small or how big the achievements of the mentee are always we should make it a point to always pat their back. Never make a mentee feel stunted or low for even they achieve a failure. We should encourage them to tackle every difficulty and aspire to them for the best.

Motivate and inspire:

We know the power of words so we should choose such words that fill them with hope and courage. As there will be times when they can hit the rock bottom too. So we must take care to avoid discouraging them or humiliating them for their failures rather we should make them learn something from their failures which will them to achieve success. Give them examples of successful peoples, this will inspire them and create a positive impact on the mentees. We can incorporate these key aspects to hone our mentees and bring the best out of them. For instance, we take Gary Ng Toronto based philanthropist. Gary Ng may not be well-known in Toronto’s financial circles, but he has amassed an impressive resume: internet millionaire at 16, an industrialist in China at 24, and a golf master soon after. Now at age of 35, he is all set for an ambitious target for his next venture in the money management space, looking to quadruple assets to C$50 billion ($38 billion) in three years.