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React Native surely has a bright future and developers willing to achieve heights in the cross-platform world as several active contributors work to make the framework a success.

As the demand for React Native Development Company is growing intensely, better to learn their way around the development process. Hence, avoiding React Native mistakes becoming more essential.

The Following are the Mistakes to Avoid during React Native Development:

Wrong Projections

The biggest benefit react-native provides you is code reusability. Now what mistake react native developers make here is ignoring an application page for both iOS and Android platforms, with a lack of experience & understanding of design principles, standard formats leading to wrong estimations. Many times even professional developers cannot control the logic and setting up the right codes in your web application, it is very important to verify all the database and backend nodes. Always keep focus on the authentication structure and forms to avoid any sort of authentication issues.

Wrong Preparation for the Redux Store

Wrong Preparation for the Redux Store

Of course, as being a versatile tool Redux helps to manage an application effectively. Redux is used for managing heavy applications. As a precaution, you must prepare it properly, as if the amount of workload can increase by using Redux. As per my own experience, Redux is best for big apps and ventures, but it’s not appropriate for small apps.

Why is that so?

Because Redux needs you to write long, complicated codes. So, I would suggest not to use Redux if you are building a React Native Application for a small scale.

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Not Optimizing the Images

This is the most common mistake made by developers while developing of react native app. Image optimization is an important component and optimum focus must be concerned, as an application’s output relies heavily on image optimization.

Because an optimized image needs a prodigious memory and storage, which ultimately decreases the application’s efficiency. Have a look at the following points for effective image optimization.

  • Use PNG format.
  • Use images of small size.
  • For fast loading, catch your images locally.

Not Optimizing the Images

Leaving Log Statements

React Native developers should use the console log statement while providing React Native Development Services. It will be helpful during the debug process of the application for the strategic stage and make sure it is bug-free. Keep in mind to delete the long declaration as many times react native developers fail to delete the log statement for the console which can be a serious issue such as JS thread congestion. Eventually, your app will start to stuttering and sluggish to perform.

Not Following Tests

Not following the coding best practice for react-native could be the dumbest decision ever. No doubt you have several options out in the market, but you must adopt the naming conventions, strive to enhance the code’s readability.

In short, if the coding process is not followed properly it will lead you to an issue such as a decrease in the application efficiency and quality. Better to follow the best practices for coding.

Not Reading External Modules Properly

Programmers often save time by external modules. Because with paperwork, it makes things easy and quick. Many times modules may not function as planned. Better if programmers read the code and consider the move as being one of the best practices of React Native.

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Final Thoughts:

It’s quite clear that the future of React Native is dazzling, but a few mistakes can affect the quality of the project. So, you better keep these mistakes in mind and not ignore them at any cost. If you are planning to develop a React Native application for your next project. Shiv Technolabs provides is one of the best mobile app development services in the market.

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