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Are you going to start a credit consulting website on WordPress platform? If Yes, then you must install the plugins which I’m about to discuss in this article. Before moving forward to the plugins, let’s have an insightful overview of credit consulting website.  

What Is Credit Consulting Website?  

A credit consulting website is all about providing counselling services to your clients or people in general. It is typically a non-profit organization website with an aim to help people with their finances and debts. Moreover, having a credit consulting website, you are going to provide services to people about the credit score or FICO score.   

Although, if someone needs professional guidance, you will be bound to provide them with the consultancy service.  

Before providing credit consultancy services, you need to set-up your website according to your competencies. You will have to select a financial theme for your WordPress website. The WordPress specialists always recommend selecting the theme of your website according to the services you are going to provide to your customers.  

Must-Have Plugins for Your Financial Website  

Are you experiencing trouble in finding the best financial plugins for your WordPress website?  

I’m not surprised at all.  

I know it is really tough to find the best and must-have plugins for your credit consultancy website. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore because I have listed some essential plugins for your financial website.  

By using those plugins, you will be able to report and analyze your company’s earning and calculators for loans, amortization and mortgages that will help you in giving consultancy services to your clients.  

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To know about those plugins, Keep scrolling down!  

  1. WPHRM – Human Resource & Finance Plugin 


As its name indicates, WPHRM is a human resource and finance management plugin for your credit consultancy website. So, how it can help you with your services?  

Well, WPHRM allows you to create different departments and allow you to add staff like you post a blog on your website. You can easily track the record of your consultants working for your clients. Moreover, it has a built-in feature of acceptance and denial.  

  1. WP Amortization Calculator  

The WP Amortization Calculator is a high quality, highly customizable and a professional plugin that can be used for Mortgage, auto or any type of amortized loan. You can use this plugin by inserting it on your website, or you can also use it as a widget for multiple times.  

This plugin is a professional and high-quality amortization tool, but besides that, it is also a great lead generation tool as well. Visitors will be able to enter their email addresses to receive the report, and you can directly reach them.  

  1. Finance Calculator  

A finance calculator is a drop form that allows users to calculate their indicative repayments. You can implement this plugin in one of your posts or on your page.  

This plugin is best for car purchases or payments, big loans calculations and real estate payments. This plugin is an essential plugin for your WordPress credit consultancy website, as suggested by WordPress specialists.  

The Bottom Line  

I hope you read this article thoroughly without skipping any part of it. Because everything I explained in this article is important to you and your credit consulting WordPress website. If you still have any queries, you can contact Two Runs WordPress experts. They will provide you with some extra plugins for your credit consulting WordPress website.  

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