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The world is facing once again the threat of the COVID-19 second wave and the intensity has increased. So people are focusing more on improving the quality of air inside their houses with the help of North GA Heating And Air businesses. The reason for this is that lockdowns are being imposed again and people will spend most of their time inside.

Reasons For Bad Air Quality According To North GA Heating And Air

Even if you have an excellent AC system in your house; air quality can become bad. Although you use various ways to make it better; still odor and stale smells are constantly present in the room.

People Staying Indoors More

The first reason for having a very bad smell in the house is that people are all the time inside the house. They smoke inside, cook, and even burn candles which can make the air smell musty and sticky.

Bad Odor Caused By Molds

Molds that develop in the basements and the attic can also be the cause of these bad odors. Also, the presence of small animals and insects and their droppings can be a cause.

Air Conditioning System Is Malfunctioning

According to North GA Heating And Air service providers, many times the malfunction in the air conditioning system can be the main reason for the stench.

How To Improve Inner Air Quality?

Although no evidence proves the relationship between good air quality and COVID-19 spread; but one thing is apparent that a healthy person will have minimal risk of exposure to the virus; so make sure that the air inside is of good quality.

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Enhancing The Ventilation

Keeping the AC system running for a very long time will make the filters dusty ad clogged. So it can be a good idea to keep the windows and doors open for some time so that fresh air comes in and creates freshness.

Proper Cleaning Of Air Conditioning System

Only a team of professional air conditioner cleaners like Wayne’s Heating And Air can do this properly. They are equipped with the latest tools and have the experience of handling various situations.

Always Pay Attention To Air Filters

If the air filters are not cleaned for a very long time then a bad smell will continuously come from the AC system. Cleaning the filters are essential and replacing them is important whenever necessary.

Air Ducts Are Inspected

The air ducts are the part of the air conditioning unit from where the air is distributed to the whole house. Any kind of dirt or dust can make people sick which is bad during the COVID-19 time.

Manage The Humidity Level

When you are doing indoor air quality management you have to keep a constant check on the level of humidity in the room. You can use dehumidifiers to keep control over the humidity.

Vital FAQs About COVID-19 And Air Conditioning

You have to ask a few simple but extremely important questions related to the spread of the Coronavirus via the AC system.

Are Air Conditioning Systems Cause Of Coronavirus Spread?

Scientists are divided into two groups on the debate that the air conditioning system is the main cause of the spread of the Coronavirus. Researchers have found out that special kinds of air filters are a great help to stop the spread of the virus.

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If Not Then What To Do For Maintenance?

When you have installed the special air filter in your air conditioner; the next thing you have to do is keep the filters clean.

Is It Possible To Hike The Ventilation?

Increasing the ventilating will have good positive effects on the inner air quality. The room will smell fresh and lively.

Should Extra Protective Filers Be Used In AC System?

Yes, you can ask North GA Heating And Air companies to install extra protective filters to prevent the virus from reaching the rooms.

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