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The paw-parents are always worried about leaving their little ones at home while traveling around. It is sometimes quite challenging to plan a trip with the canines as not all places are pet-friendly. Many people even have problems with families who love to travel with their pets. You have to make compromises about your travel plans with your little furballs in many instances.

But what if you can now go on long road journeys with your pets to beautiful places without any restrictions? This article focuses on the best seven pet-friendly places where you can plan your trips with family and pets.

Breckenridge, Colorado

The first one on this list is in Colorado, and the small town lies 90 minutes west of Denver. It has a population of 4,900 and is widely famous for the ski resorts and mountain charm. One of the reasons this place caught special attention is that your pup will be welcomed with a beautiful sign and will receive lots of love and treats at the check-in. You get to enjoy the beautiful nature right from your lodge rooms, and the dogs of any size are welcome here to stay. You need to pay a little additional charge for your dog per night.

Plan the trips according to the play activities of your dog here without any restrictions. Make sure to carry medicines, treats, and the best colorful toys and entertain the babies during the trip.

Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone is the little town in the lap of this famous state of Arizona southern, which is crowded with only 1200 inhabitants. If you want to enjoy a road trip with your enthusiastic pup, this is the ideal place for you. It is best known to the world for the 1881 gunfight at the famous O.K. Corral that features legendary gunslinger Doc Holliday.

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But now the place remains filled with shops, restaurants, and popular Wild West attractions. And proudly, these places welcome the presence of pets with an open mind and lots of love. You can even find water bowls provided on the streets outside few businesses so that even on a warm day, a pup would be comfortable roaming around the place.

Stowe, Vermont

When it comes to New England, you must know how famous the place is for welcoming little pets and their families. This mountain town remains filled with around 4,700 residents ready to offer you plenty of recreation opportunities to the visitors.

They have opened decent places to welcome visitors from all over the globe with their little puppies. Stowe offers appropriate arrangements, accommodations, and food to dogs of any size. Your pets would be welcomed at the check-in with bags of goodies and lots of hugs and kisses. 

Here, you can go out for sightseeing purposes with your kids and fur babies. The weather seems to be pretty lovely throughout the day, making it ideal for the visitors to roam around and try out new activities with their kids and puppies.

Butte, Montana

If you and your dog love to maintain an active lifestyle, Butte in Montana is ideal for your road trip. The place is also famously nicknamed the Big Sky County and offers you acre upon acre of open space. Practically, it can be considered the perfect place for dogs and other pets as it offers you substantial open spaces to plan your activities with your babies. You can find around a 15-mile radius of the downtown area where there are nine square miles of green space.

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Wait till you see the number of pet-friendly restaurants and hotels available here, along with the impressive hiking trail collection where the leashed pets are always welcome.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach is one of National Geographic’s 100 most beautiful places on earth. And, this beautiful place offers you stunning coastline and mesmerizing and intriguing wildlife.

It is home to 1700 residents and many pet-friendly attractions, shops, and restaurants. You can find beautiful cottages by the coastline that welcomes the little pups with special treats and accessories. You can also plan interesting games and fun-filled activities for your dogs here without any troubles. Also, almost all pets can find appropriate accommodation here with loads of love from the visitors and residents. 

Brevard, North Carolina

The next one up for you is Brevard in North Carolina. People who have already traveled to this destination know that this region’s mountains will forever welcome pets into their lives.

They love to host their places to welcome families with pets, and you get to see many pet-friendly places over here. But this town isn’t a huge one to start with and takes little time to explore. But you surely can enjoy the wilderness of this paradise as you play around with your pup and family members.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

The last one on this list of the pet-friendly small towns has to be in California. Carmel-by-the-Sea in California is also famous for being an ideal town for pets. It will take only a short stroll for you to reach the place through the quaint community on the Monterey Peninsula.

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You can find water bowls kept on the storefront sidewalks along with the waste bag dispensers and trash cans all across the town. And, everywhere you turn around, you would find your furball some new and exciting friends to hang with.

Every resident of this place happens to be a pet lover. So, don’t get shy to see random people walking up to you to cuddle those fur balls accompanying you on the roads. You can find decent hotels for affordable accommodation here. And to add to his, the pups are allowed here to run off-the-lease without any restrictions.

Final Words

These are some of the places that you can travel with your little pup. Have you been to any of these pet-friendly places recently? If not, then keep them on your to-do list. They are attractive and welcome you and your family with lots of love and warmth. It is essential to travel to places where your pup would be respected and loved. So, make your choices wisely as you plan your next road trip with your family, friends, and the furball.


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