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If you are writing an assignment on PHP vs Python, you will get your required information from this blog. Just read along. 

Differences between PHP and Python

Listed below are some of the most notable differences between Python and PHP.

  • Python is a high-level object-oriented programming language employed for rapid application development. PHP: Hypertext pre-processor) is used to develop a dynamic website or web application.
  • Python has a limited number of frameworks, whereas PHP  assignment help has many.
  • Python is predominantly used in AI, data science, and the scientific community, whereas PHP is the language of choice for web development.
  • Python provides precise syntax of codes, whereas PHP has a wide range of syntax and naming conventions.
  • Special attributes of Python are Rapid development, Dynamic typing, and impressive coding, whereas key features of PHP are Open source, Easy Deployment, Continual Improvements.

In the following sections, we will take a look at the purposes of PHP and Python individually.

Why Should We Learn PHP?

PHP is very flexible and versatile. It acts like an object-oriented language, making it a very convenient language to work with. Developers also enjoy the powerful meta-language it has to offer. PHP is learned by many as it is:

  • Congruent with various platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS X, etc.
  • Compatible with almost Apaches, IIS servers

Free to download from its official website www.php.net

Moreover, you can write the code and save it as a file. And it is also similar to C programming language with little differences. In the next section, you will understand why we will learn both PHP and Python.


Why Should We Learn Python?

Python is easy to learn and has a clean syntax, despite being a high-level language. Some of the features mentioned here make the language versatile and must-need for programmers, data scientists, and even hackers.


  • Code is easy to write and debug. Thus, its source code is relatively easy to maintain.
  • Can function on a wide variety of Operating systems and platforms, as it is a portable language.
  • Makes your development task easy, as it comes with many prebuilt libraries
  • Helps you to make complex programming simpler. It internally deals with memory allocation, garbage collection.
  • Provides an interactive shell that aids you in testing the things before their actual implementation
  • Consists of a framework for the Web, and it supports GUI applications. Example: time, WXPython, Django.
  • Offers database interfaces to commercial DBMS systems.


Hopefully, you have a good grasp of PHP vs Python.

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