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For every social media network following the variety of data and metrics, this decides what is your market range, how to develop your content strategy, and how to promote your business for new heights. All are possible if you set a clear goal and when you follow the correct social media algorithm. If you start a new small business or expand your business into new locations, Instagram is a great place to reach all the goals and make new decisions on your Instagram page. So, properly follow the given precise list of Instagram metrics that will help to reach your identity all over the earth. 


Instagram Metrics

If you want to get this data, you will need to convert your personal account into your business account. Go to your profile page and click the setting icon and access account, then select “switch to professional account”. Then automatically your personal account connects to your professional account. Also, you are able to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram account. 


The Instagram Profile States With Interactions

Instagram interaction means the total number of times who tapped your profile or posts. This is one of the useful metrics, this gives you an idea of how to develop your posting style and content strategy. If you have more interactions on your page, you get more fans and new followers. 


Instagram Profile Visits

When you create attractive posts relevant to your industry, someone sees your posts out of your profile, your posts create the attraction they want to know more about your profile. This is possible when your content is more effective and to trigger people to visit your business profile. 

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Instagram Profile Reach

Instagram reach means the total number of unique people viewed your posts and profile in online users. You can track your total posts reach, profile reach in the particular period that is important for your growth. 


Instagram Impressions

Instagram interactions and impressions are more important to analyze your engagement rate. The total number of times your profile, stories, and posts are displayed in your audience screen is called an impression. You cannot get impressions without your audience visiting your Instagram page. So, make sure to post quality content and images. If you can achieve Instagram reach on your Instagram page, you can easily get massive engagement and impressions in your account. This is one of the key metrics to understand your page performance. Then using these metrics to develop your content strategy and make powerful content for your audience. So, don’t forget to track these metrics in your Instagram account.


Engagement Rate

Engagement is one of the key metrics to measure the performance of all over the Instagram profile, posts, and contents. This is the top of your list. Here are some different ideas to measure your engagement rate and how your profile is performing. 

Total Engagement: This shows how many likes and comments your profile and posts have received.  

Average Engagement: This gives the results of how your audience interacts and engages with your posts. The average engagement was calculated by the total engagement of your posts divided by the number of posts. 

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Average Engagement Per Post: the total engagement you received divided by the number of posts you have published. 

The above metrics can help to understand your profile and your marketing strategies. 


Hashtag Metrics

This is one of the most important metrics to reach the majority of the audience and your targeted customers. This is the way to measure your Instagram strategies and your brand is talking about with your audience. Use your Instagram analytics activity tab and track the results which hashtags get more reach and engagement including your branded hashtags. When someone uses your hashtags, you can see their posts and what engagement that post is getting. Also, track the results such as the number of impressions, engagement, likes, and comments your posts received. Even you can analyze the insights into the impressions your stories received by using your brand hashtags are important. This helps to develop your hashtag searches. Afterward, you should choose the trending and correct hashtags that are relevant to your industry. 


Right Time To Post On Instagram

These metrics are needed to know about which time your audience is active online. Make sure to use the Instagram analytics tool and then find the posting time. Instagram gives the result the evening time is best to share your content and get more visits to your posts. 


Stories Count Per Day

This is one of the essential metrics to understand how many stories are posted per day. Keep measuring your Instagram analytics with stories count, what number of stories get higher engagement. Then follow that count and post your stories regularly. 

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Final Thought

I think the above list of data will help you create the best Instagram marketing and content strategies. 

Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.