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Slip and fall accidents are very common and can happen anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. You might be walking in a park or shopping in a mall; you can be subjected to a slip and fall accident anytime. Some slip and fall accidents aren’t very problematic, but some can be very dangerous, especially for kids and elders. That’s why you have to be very careful and take your Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer’s assistance.

Many people think that the prime cause of slip and fall accidents is the negligence of property owners. Now, the majority of the cases are revolving around property owners’ negligence, but not all. 

To properly understand the slip and fall accident laws, you have to get a consultation from your Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer. But, for your convenience, we are here to discuss a few things that property owners can do to avoid slip and fall accidents. 

Preventive Steps Property Owners Should Follow

If you are a property owner where you are inviting lots of people such as shops, offices, etc., you have to be very careful about slip and fall accidents. If you don’t want to hire Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer to represent your case, you should take the following preventive measures to prevent slip and fall accidents –

Remove Water Build Up 

It is the responsibility of property owners to not let water accumulate anywhere near their place. For instance, if there’s a big puddle of melted snow in front of your shop, you have to immediately clean that before opening your shop. Otherwise, you can put a warning sign to warn your customers because they aren’t aware of the big wet puddle. 

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Furthermore, if you have recently cleaned the floor of your shop or restaurant, don’t let water stand on the floor for too long. You can inform your customers that a particular area is getting cleaned. Water is the primary cause of slip and fall accidents in most cases. Thus, if you don’t want to get into trouble with hiring Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer, never let water accumulate on your property. 

Proper Lighting 

One of the other prominent reasons for slip and fall accidents is the insufficient lighting system. If you don’t have adequate lighting facilities in your hotel or any other property, people will easily trip, slip, or fall. Moreover, if you have inadequate lighting in wet areas like the bathroom, the chances of slip and fall accidents will increase. 

However, sometimes you can’t control lighting issues such as problems in the main fuse or electricity failure in the entire city. In such uncertain situations, you should have provision for backup lighting options to prevent accidents. Otherwise, you should use a hazardous sign to warn people. 

Clear All The Clutter 

Apart from water and lighting, there are plenty of different other things that can cause slip and fall accidents. Thus, you have to figure out all the hazardous clutter on your property and immediately remove it to prevent slip and fall accidents. Some of the common clutter that you should watch out for is – 

Unattended Wires – If you have loose wires scattered on the floor, you should immediately remove them because anyone can trip over loose wires. Furthermore, if wires have an electric current in them, they are doubly dangerous. Thus, you need to cover loose wires properly and keep them away from the passageway. 

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Obstacles in Passageway – The passageway has to be free from any kind of clutter. Don’t even place furniture in the passageway because a person who is walking through a passageway isn’t aware of it, so he or she might trip. Thus, keep your passageway fully obstacle-free. 

Unfortunately, if, after following all the preventive measures, someone has got injured on your property and filed a complaint, you need to hire the professional Orlando slip and fall accident lawyer to represent your case. The lawyer of Wooten Kimbrough Damaso & Dennis law firm is highly expert in handling slip and fall accident cases. So, contact us anytime, and we will help you out!

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