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Is your man anxious about his skin and always looking for skincare expert advice, or he don’t care and usually used your skincare products for his facial issues. But due to the different skin structures and needs, he must go for some specific facial products specially designed to resolve the issues of men’s facial skin. In the market, he can find many options like skin cleansers, moisturizers, face wash and many other cosmetics that are specifically designed for men.

The difference between men and women’s skin

We all know that men’s skin is different from women. On the one hand, men grow more facial hair. If you’ve ever notice a man’s facial skin, you might find it’s harder. The areas he shaves, such as the cheeks, are very sensitive and irritated by all scratching. Men’s skin actually has more collagen and elastin below the surface. They have more pores, and the male hormone causes them to produce more oils.

Does this mean that facial cleansers for men would have a different formulation to deal with excess oil? When you compare products for men to women, you might notice differences in the formulation and ingredients a lot, according to an expert from skincare specialists near me.

The difference in Men’s and Women’s skincare Products

The most significant difference is that the number of skincare products for women is significantly higher than for men. A search for the famous cosmetic brand reveals at least seven pages of women’s skincare products, but only an abbreviated list of men’s products. Females have many options for facial cleansers, lotions, tonics, and specialty overnight treatments or eye products while men have limited choices.

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A comparison of the ingredient list of Acne Facial Cleansers for Men with a similar product for Women found that the Cleanser for Women contained a higher percentage of Salicylic Acid. Ever you notice a spa based facial treatment includes different products for men as compared to women. The ingredient list for women’s facial cleansers was almost always longer than that of men’s products, and the ingredients for women’s facial cleansers contained more fragrances and what appeared to be herbal. The ingredient list for men’s face wash quickly got to work. After water, the next ingredient was a surfactant or detergent, followed by a few other detergents. Oddly enough, emulsifiers or silicone liquid were the second most common ingredient in some women’s facial cleansers.

Popular brands of men’s facial cleanser had longer ingredient lists; Most mentioned that they are safe for sensitive skin when they frequently need to shave. Many facial cleansers for men have advertised the tingling sensation, which is a little odd because it doesn’t really mean anything. The tingling sensation comes from the alcohol or menthol in the detergent evaporating from the skin. On the other hand, a spa based facial treatment is also best for men’s skin health.

Men’s anti-acne treatment

Men also complain of acne. The market for men’s facial cleansers includes anti-acne treatments and scrubs. Again, there were significantly fewer options for men as compared to women. A wider online search finally revealed a few more options for face wash options for men. An interesting detail was the men’s products, which contained alpha-hydroxyl acids and glycolic acids and were advertised as excellent shaving preparations. Note that the same ingredients in facial cleansers for women would call them anti-aging. Men’s products also contained essential oils such as mint, tea tree, and lavender. They can be included because men’s skin tends to be oily.

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Facial Products for Men

Overall, the facial product choices are much more limited for men than for women. In the grocery store, men are usually limited to a number of options for facial cleansers. A general search and comparison of facial cleansers for men and women reveal the same types of ingredients. However, men’s cleansers tend to have less scent, possibly because men’s skin becomes irritated from shaving. In contrast, men’s products contain more cooling elements as well as astringents to help fight natural men’s fat. Since there are many options available for men in the market, it may be worth your man to try some best products for him after discussing with his skincare specialists.

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