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In this article, you will learn about various types of drug addiction and associated mental health issues.

What is drug abuse?

It is the condition when a person is involved in the habit of acquiring certain substances regularly maybe to get pleasure or forget worries. These substances are not safe for human health even many are banned in different countries. When the person keeps on using them regularly, his body gets addicted to their use. A strong urge arises when a person does not take that drug again. It becomes essential to consume again to relax the body.

Substance abuse is a serious issue rising alarmingly in young as well as old age people in almost every part of the world. It has damaging effects on the physical as well as mental health of the addict which if not cured; can lead to a precious life loss.

The substances acquired mostly are:

  • Caffeine
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Alcohols
  • Tobacco products

Psychological issues associated with drug abuse

As the person keeps on taking the substance, he constantly destroys his health. There are a lot of psychological issues that are correlated with drug addiction. Sometimes mental health issues themselves become a reason for drug addiction. When both problems combine, they lead to severe damage to the physical fitness of a person. Healthy mental health is key to have healthy physical health.

Treatment of psychiatric issues

Treating psychiatric issues in patients with drug addiction is quite a big challenge. It requires the expertise of both medical specialists and psychiatrists. It is essential for the patient to address these issues, if not treated timely they can lead to life-threatening conditions.

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If you or your loved one is facing psychological issues that may be related to drug addiction, you must report them timely. It is a wise decision to join a psychiatric counseling center. KOSHISH CLINIC is the reputed psychiatric counseling center which is effectively treating mentally sick persons along with drug-addicted patients. Koshish clinic is providing complete psychological services in Lahore from diagnosing the mental disorder to effective brain counseling. They have a team of expert psychiatrists who have regular sessions with the patients until they are stable and become a healthy person to face life challenges.

The following are the psychological problems that arise in drug-addicted patients and they need to be addressed to cure them.

  1. Movement disorders

Severely addicted patients cannot control their body movement to complete routine life tasks. They have poor body coordination while doing any work or communicating with other people. Sometimes their hands even complete body starts shaking when they have a strong drug desire or have already consumed a large dosage. Substance abuse damages the central nervous system of the man. It affects the nerve cells which produce neurotransmitters to control body actions.

   2- Behavior problems

The major change that occurs after a short duration of addiction is the behavior problem. He feels irritated and restless every time. He is no more interested to build a healthy relationship with others. He cannot control his behavior with other people even with his family and friends. This is the reason he spoils his relationships.

  • Sleep disorders

Drug addicted patient suffers seriously from sleep issues. Some drugs have a sleepy and unconscious effect on the brain. When the patient consumes them he goes to the state of sleepiness for a long time. His sleep patterns change and he experiences the extremes. After a long sleep under the effect of a drug, he bears severe insomnia. It is the worst case when he is not able to sleep without medicine.

  • Depression & anxiety
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Depression and anxiety are the two common factors that completely deteriorate the social and family life of the patient. When he is not able to control his emotions and behavior, his social circle almost quits. His mental state is always depressed, hopeless, and disturbed.

  • Focus problems

Another problem linked with drug addiction is to concentrate or focus on a certain issue. The patient loses his ability to focus on his daily life activities or sort out the relevant issues. With the passage of time, his life becomes just a mess with lots and lots of problems.

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