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If you are not going to be using your classic car for some time and would like to keep it safe for the next show or trip you go on, putting it into storage is certainly one of the best options. Of course, this is one of your prized possessions and as such, you need to make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your car safe. If you are currently looking for car storage then be sure to consider the below questions that you need to ask before putting it into storage.

Do You Have Prior Experience Dealing with Classic Cars?

In order to make sure you know that your car is in safe hands, you should be sure to ask whether the company you are considering working with has prior experience handling classic cars. You should ask for previous classics that they have stored and then you will be able to feel comfortable leaving your car there for potentially long periods of time.

Will This Work Logistically?

Don’t forget that when it comes to storing your car, you are going to be responsible for getting it to the storage centre yourself. This means that you have to be sure the place you are thinking or using will be easy enough for you to get there and back from. This is nothing that a little bit of research can’t fix as by looking at different places online, you will be able to see what their location is and whether or notit is feasible for you to get there. A good place to start is by simply heading over to Google and looking up car storage near me. This will bring up a range of different results in a close distance, all of which you can then do further research into.

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How Long Can You Store Your Car?

A lot of the time when people have a classic car, they enjoy getting it on the road and taking it to classic car shows. These are a lot of fun but you also tend to find that there is a long gap in between different shows. As such, if you want to take it to these different shows but then need somewhere to keep your car when not attending, storage is the best place, but you need to make sure they can store it until the next show. If not and you would have to take it out before you are ready then it may well be the case that you should consider looking for a different storage unit.


When you have a classic car, this isn’t a vehicle that you use on the school run or for trips down to the shops. They are only driven on special occasions and in the interim, you will likely need to look for some kind of storage where you can keep your car when not using it. There are a number of options for car storage out there and as such, to make sure that you are going for the right one you should be sure to ask some of the above questions.