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Raj Anadkat you can also say he is one of the most popular actors who fit in the category of young famous actors of India. We all came to know about him for his work in Indian commercial serials and films also. Which was broadcasted or aired on various television channels as a serial and this film was released in lot’s of movie theatres as well. He played an amazing and entertaining role in a television serial known to us by Tappu and the name of the serial was the Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah. Where Shivani Baokar played a lead role over there.

Let’s discuss the famous actor Raj Anadkat in this article.

Before we get to know about everything

let us all start discussing the actual age of RajAnadkat.

What is the actual age of Raj Anadkat?

Raj Anadkat was born in the year 1996 on November 7th. He will be  24 years old this November 7th as of 2021. He used to live in a well-settled family who stays in Maharashtra, Mumbai India. Now he and his family both stay in Mumbai.

Let’s start discussing the common fact about the actor Raj Anadkat.

We all know his nickname as Raj and his surname Tipendra Gada. He will be 24 years old on November 7th 2021. He belongs to a Hinduism background. We get to gather his hobbies from our research that he loves travelling a lot and want to explore new places, he wants to read a lot of books and he is a fan of reading books, he loves to ride a bike in the morning and loves to watch the city while every one of us is sleeping tight, he is one of the biggest fans of dancing and love to watch movies specifically he loves late-night shows. He started his acting career in the year 2016 television commercial serial known to us by Ek Rishta. One of the famous characters he played was Tipendra Gada. His fictional father was Jethala Gada in TMKOC.

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Let’s get to know about his biography

Raj Anadkat is one of the popular faces in the Indian television world. He has lots of fans following he was born in Maharashtra now he stayed with his family in Mumbai India. Raj Anadkat had lot’s of passion when he was a little kid he loves to do acting as well as dancing and singing in his childhood. He used to participate a lot’s of times while he was reading in schools. When he was studying in school he decided that someday he will become an actor by hook or crook. Though he has taken a lot of preparation he gave an audition and got selected. From there, his acting career started. Then he makes a debut in a television serial k own to us by Ek Rishta saajehdari ka. After this serial got super hit again producers from different serial gave an appointment to work in the new upcoming serial known as The Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. He got this role when he was only 19 years old. Fortunately, he became very famous for the role he got in this serial (Tappu). He not only getting famous for this role but also received lots of awards or grants.

We all get to know he is a very popular actor. But he too gathers lot’s of fan following by doing Tiktok videos.

Few interesting Gossips I want to share with you guys

It was a hard time for Raj Anadkat in the beginning when Raj Anadkat was replaced by Bhavya Gandhi in the year 2017. Prior, Raj had opened up about the underlying response of the crowds for him as the new Tappu in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. He admitted that there was a period he was overflowed with disdain sends and remarks via online media.

People gave him a mixed response like 50:50. There were individuals loving me and yet, there were individuals who additionally said that he isn’t fitting for the role and not acting as expected. I used to get disdain remarks via web-based media but I accepting that as an inspiration to improve. Yet, presently I feel glad that they have acknowledged me. Today, when I venture out individuals come to me and compliment my character particularly when my family is near. I just feel proud that I actually did it and impress all of my viewers, Raj Anadkat said while conversing with SpotboyE.

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Let us talk about Raj Anadkat’s family, his girlfriend and about his religion

We all know he was born and brought up old in Maharashtra and now he and his family are well settled. Raj Anadkat is a very kind person and he takes a lot of care for his own family or you can say his parents. He also has an elder sister and Raj Anadkat is the youngest child of his parents. Raj Anadkat belongs from a Hinduism religion we came to know after research that his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Raj Anadkat is still single and unmarried. He always said that he is right now focusing on his career and tried to focus on film industries as well.

The career of Raj Anadkat

Raj Anadkat always has an interest in extracurricular activities like acting and dancing and singing too. He loves to participate in schools any program or it may be an annual function he always shows interest in this type of events. In his debut acting role in the Ek Rishta Saajehdari Ka, he played the supporting role as a cousin of Aryan Sethia. He had a chance to work in that serial with the star artists like the Kinshuk Vaisya, the Shivya Pathania, the Isha Mishra and lot others.

Interesting facts of Raj Anadkat

Raj Anadkat according to our research he never interested in smoking we don’t have any update about drinking alcohol. He always loves to visit Lot’s of places and want to explore the world. He always rides his own bike in the morning so that he can watch the city while everyone is sleeping except him. He also loves to do photography and he loves to read lots of books and loves to watch late-night movie shows. He is very fond of animal or you can say he is an animal lover. He loves animals like dogs.

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He also found the opportunity to meet with our honourable prime minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. He always said this was one of the best moment in his life that he got a chance to meet with our prime minister Narendra Modi.

Do you know who is the leader of Tappu Sena?

Raj Anadkat used to be the leader of Tappu Sena. Latter fans love his performance in the serial and the character he played as well.

As we know that he is now one of the most famous serial actors he also had done lots of commercial advertisements.

While he joined the serial known to us by Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah he stated in an interview that I used to watch this serial when I was a kid and I’m very glad to perform the character of tappu as a young adult man. I love this character due to its positivity. He is also thankful to the producer Mr Asit Ji for giving me the chance.

We all know he is very active in all types of social media accounts like Facebook Twitter and Instagram as well. If you want to follow his Instagram account I’ll provide you with the link.


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