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Saba University School of Medicine is known to be one of the top leading and well-established medical schools located near the lovely Caribbean island, Saba, of Netherlands. Ever since the year 1992, this medical school has been involved in developing powerful students to be the growing professional doctors in the future time. The campus is offering some advanced facilities, i.e., computer labs, library, lecture rooms, dissection labs, and much more.

What are the Admission Requirements for Saba University School of Medicine?

Below are the major eligibility requirements which you need to follow to apply for Saba University:

  • Applicants applying from the US and Canada should have a minimum score of 90 semester hours, which makes around 3 years of undergraduate studies.
  • All the US nationals who are applying should take the MCAT, which is compulsory.
  • Plus, the student should have also taken Biology for a year through the laboratory component.
  • It is also important that the student should have appeared for the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry for one year with the laboratory component.
  • Besides, they should have excellent English writing and reading skills where they should acquire at least one year of diploma in English Literature.

What is the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)?

For the permanent residents, citizens, or the nationals who belong to the US for taking MCAT, it is mandatory for them to fall into the below-mentioned categories:

  • Students who have finished their mandatory sciences with the community college.
  • Students who have also studied the mandatory sciences coursework almost 5 years ago.
  • Students who have acquired C grade in its mandatory sciences.
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Admission Procedure of Saba University School of Medicine

Students can apply throughout the whole year because applications are accepted all the time. Classes session normally starts in May, January, and September. Once the student has completed its education over the 20 months of period, they can make their way back home and start with their clinical rotation in any of the Canadian or US hospitals that are affiliated with Saba University.

Quick guidelines about the admission process are as mentioned below:

  • Application forms have to be submitted almost 6 months before the first date when it all started.  Once you have submitted your application on a firsthand basis, there are more chances to score in the admission.
  • Those applicants who will be shortlisted, they will be notified to be called for the interview session.  As you pass the interview successfully, you can now proudly call yourself to be a medical student from Saba University.
  • Any incomplete application will not be put together into the eligibility box. It will be cancelled through notification.

More Info About Saba University

On the needs and requirements of the students, if any student is studying in any other medical centre, they can transfer themselves to Saba University as well. But for that sake, you should be covering all the needed requirements first.

All major documents which the transfer student has to submit are the same, which a new applicant is submitting at the time of admission. Few additional required documents are:

  • Transcript document from the present university in which you have been enrolled or the one from the past educational institutes.
  • The statement document has to be submitted, letting the management know that there is no such financial pending amount from the applicant side through the previous university.
  • Attachment of the dean letter is also mandatory. This letter will signify the character of the student and their academic record.
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Fee Structure Details of Saba University School of Medicine

Every department and program of this medical university has diverse fee along with the fee which needs to be submitted at the time of admission. Below are the details about fee structure:

  • The transcript fee is $10
  • The application fee is $75
  • The review fee is $500
  • Insurance per semester is $295
  • Sciences tuition is $16,975
  • Clinical Medicine tuition is $19,600
  • A lab fee is $195
  • The non-refundable tuition fee is $750
  • The non-refundable administrative fee is $100
  • The student activity fee is $50

Financial Aid for Students at Saba University

The whole service of the financial aid is readily available for the Canadian and American students who have to apply to Saba University.

  • Financial Aid for the United States

Based on the approval for the William D. Ford Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford as well as Grad PLUS Loan programs, all the American students can hence apply for financial aid. To apply for it, the applicant must fill the form on the free FAFSA. But before you apply for it, make sure you do create a Federal Student Aid ID.

  • Financial Aid for Canada

All the Canadian students are free to apply for the Federal loans through the access of the Ministry of Education Student Support Branch available inside their residential province. Students do have a choice where they can also apply for private loans through the banks of CBIC.

Student Lifestyle at Saba University School of Medicine

In just 20 months as a student at Saba University, you will be able to experience all the best services of medical studies for your future career. You can also explore the beauty of Caribbean restaurants while staying in this medical college for more studies.

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They have the best faculty services who are experienced and professional in their work. Most of their faculty members are from the universities of Duke University, Howard University, and different other reputable universities.

Plus, there are diverse learning facilities that are provided by Saba University for better medical learning. They also offer 9 different learning areas as well as laboratories that are provided fully by the campus.

It has almost 9 lecture rooms, and all of them are equipped with access to multimedia equipment. It even includes a huge library that is based on 159 printed journals and around 30 online OVOID & MD Consult journals.

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