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Readers are leaders. We all are aware of this famous saying which is quite true. If we look at this world, we will find most of the successful people have the habit of reading. Students who read on regular basis are also good at their academic life. They neither have to hire any expert nor order essay writing services uk. It’s an easy climb to the top for them. Therefore, it is important to build a reading habit among students.

If you are a student who wants to read but is failing miserably, this blog can certainly help you. There will be a list of the best reading resources in this write-up which will spark your interest in reading and you will want to read more. We all want to be readers, but only a few of us are able to make it a habit. But don’t worry! You will find yourself as an avid reader after looking into these reading resources available online.

Best Reading Resources for Students

There is a dilemma that students who want to read fail in accessing some good reading sites and upon finding some good resources, they are asked to pay a subscription fee online. But you don’t need to worry now because this blog is going to sort out the problem for you. Below are the best reading resources you can find on the internet and they are absolutely free.

TweenTribune to link Students with History and Science

If you are looking to read something related to history and science, TweenTribune can work as a very good resource. It is a completely free website from the Smithsonian Institute and includes topics related to animals, entertainment, school, fashion, science, national news, and the tech world. Professional journalists and students contribute their write-ups to this very site.

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The appealing graphics and animations on this site will attract many students and turn them into avid readers.

Project Gutenberg for Literature

You can get your hands on 50,000+ free e-books with the help of Project Gutenberg. We can call it an online library for sure. Most of the books found in this e-library are pure classic literature, namely: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Great Expectations. These books are available in different formats. ePub, HTML, you name it and you will get it. It is one massive reading resource that will help in developing reading interest in students. It will occupy the mind of students and they will keep thinking about which book to read next.

Wikipedia for General Knowledge

One of the world’s largest free online encyclopedias known as Wikipedia can also be one of the greatest sources of obtaining general knowledge for students. The users of this well-renowned site develop great knowledge, and Wikipedia is always updated with all the latest happenings in today’s world. There is always more to learn from this platform. Containing millions of articles on different topics, this site has always been on the list of the 10 most popular websites. The content is available in different languages. However, the simple English feature makes it easy for students and other young readers to comprehend the content. It works as an easily digestible and free reading resource for students.

DOGO News for Current Events

If you are interested in what is happening around the world, keep visiting DOGO News. It is one of the best reading assets that provides a different types of content related to current events, sports, technology, science, and other categories. All the articles are reader-friendly and hold links that provide the reader with the meaning of complicated words. You can filter the content according to your grade. Moreover, you can also find links to the latest national standards. You can also recommend your teachers to use it as premium access is available to use the website for teaching activities.

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National Geographic to make you better in History and Science

It is another well-known and free reading resource that provides students with articles, games, and videos related to different places, animals, and wonders all across the globe. Students can sharpen their history and science knowledge by spending time on the website of National Geographic and National Geographic for Kids contains. There is no fee for reading the content. On the other hand, students can create accounts and earn different badges for participating in the content. The interaction will boost their interest and turn them into regular readers.

ReadWorks.org for Literature Lovers

There are more than 2,200 K-12 non-fiction and reading passages related to literature. Each of them is based on a research-based question that supports the comprehension of students. However, an account is required in order to gain access to the resources. But once you’re signed in, all the content is free. You can search for the content you need by filtering your grade, topic, or any specific genre.

Educational Message or News for Students

An online announcement called Science News for Students is one best resources for availing good write-ups. A non-profit organization “Society for Science & the Public” that is there specifically to educate the people about science runs this platform. The online magazine contains news related to current events, middle and high school readers. The main focus of the magazine is to develop an interest among students in STEM fields like physics, biology, and math. You will find Power Words in accordance with Common Core standards in different articles. Three will be the ratability score to evaluate your reading skills. This site is a complete package for students who are aspiring to become a scientist.

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These were the seven best reading resources that can help you in improving your reading skills. If your pending academic work is becoming a hindrance in your way to accessing these sites, order the aid of our essay writers uk online.

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