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Social media posts provide social evidence to goods and services that your potential customers often need before they completely commit themselves. A dynamic and engaging social media feed on your website lets your target clients see what people think about your products. In a real-time setting, a well curated social media stream may also show off your brand.

A social media aggregator collects feeds from various social networking channels and displays them on a webpage or live event wall or a big screen. These walls help drive interaction in a powerful way. Companies create a much more brand-centered experience by taking clients to their digital platforms so that they engage with their content.

Now, let us go through some profitable reasons for using social media aggregators in 2021 to embed feeds on your official website. 

  • Creates engaging content for your audience

We cannot deny the fact that social media is the most engaging form of content that has the potential to engage your audience for long. You can display a variety of visual galleries such as photo album, video gallery, customer reviews, and other user generated content. It glues your website visitors and urges them to surf your web content for long. Social media aggregator apps help to increase their dwell time which will apparently affect your website SEO as well. People will always be interested in getting insights about your in-house activities. Hence, you can also fetch content related to your brand promotions, campaigns, latest launch, future plans and more. 

  • Builds a social proof and adds credibility to the brand

User generated content is the best way to showcase and brag about the trust your audience has on you. It is something that your audience will be most interested in. They must have participated in a contest and might find their post on your website. Possibility is that they might even share the link with their friends and family, urging them to go and watch it. Using Tagembed social media aggregator tools leads to an increased traffic on your website by embedding social feeds. This way, your customers feel acknowledged, giving them a sense of proof that you care about them. It strengthens your connection with them which gradually increases with time. 

  • Saves you from creating separate web content

Creating similar content regularly for various digital platforms can prove to a back-breaking task. But, not anymore. Social media aggregators help you fetch the feeds from various social media pages and display them on your website. It allows you to customize the feeds based on your interest and according to your website design. It liberates you from spending time setting up and updating separate platforms.  

  • Displays user generated content in an effective manner

As described in the previous point, UGC is the latest fad adopted by marketers and has proved to be successful for their brands. With the help of social media aggregators offer your customers a playground where they can express their issues about your products and services, review them and also show their concern, will definitely add value to your customer services. Your audience wants to be heard. Displaying their concerns on your website will create a positive mindset about you. You can also run a hashtag campaign with an intent to increase your brand awareness.   

  • Makes you stand out from your competitors

In 2021 with the advent of digital marketing techniques, competition grew immensely and every brand wants to reach as many people as they can. Social media plays a vital role in achieving your purposes. Apart from that, social media aggregators open a window of opportunity where you get an edge over your competitors. There might be some viral posts on your social media channels or some engaging ones that can draw your users’ attention. Social media aggregators extending them to your website will bring life to the monotonous look. This creates an influential presence not only to your existing customer base but also beyond that.   

  • Enhances the visual appeal of your website

Is there anything more convenient than customizing your web content as per your likings? Social media aggregators embed your fully customizable feeds in a single stream. It makes them suit your website structure and fits the variable screen resolution, be it your laptop, mobile or tablet. Social media is the best form of visuals that your audience will be interested in. Understand what is best for your business and what your users will connect to. This will lessen your stress and will give you a direction towards transforming your website. 

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Wrap Up

The feature of social media aggregators has proven to be an advantageous strategy for brands and marketers in previous years & in 2021 as well because it will help them extend their organic reach and spread the brand awareness more efficiently and creatively. It is an incredible way to exquisitely extend the tremendous growth of the businesses. The dazzling filters, themes, styling and color options makes an undeniable choice for brands to use for promotional purposes. 

If you put it simply, embedding social media content on your website helps you to open the door to various possibilities and add benefits for your business, which includes growing audience engagement, brand recognition, building confidence and loyalty, boosting conversions and sales, etc. 

Shabbir Ahmad

Shabbir Ahmad is a freelance enthusiastic blogger & SEO expert. He is the founder of Shifted Magazine & Shifted News. He contributes to many authority blogs including porch, hackernoon & techcrunch.