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It’s hard to find people who don’t like rain. The heat is reduced and a charming atmosphere is created. However, the rain has given some relief as well as some problems. The most common of these problems is with shoes. Every day we have to face problems with shoes on the roads that are covered with mud, soil and water. Because there is a hundred percent chance that the beautiful shoes will be ruined due to mud! So today we will talk about what kind of rain boots are good and what can be done to be safe and fashionable.

Tips on the Best Footwear for Rainy Season:

If you want to buy best footwear during the rainy season, you have to look and understand. It is better to avoid open design in front. Mud, soil, rain water can cause various skin problems such as fungus, rash, itching. So it is better to use shoes that cover the feet at this time. Let’s not know about the various types of shoes suitable for the rainy season:

Waterproof shoe:

There are some waterproof shoes available in the markets which are specially made for use in the rainy season. These do not get wet in water. Water or mud can be easily removed if soil is applied. Such shoes are pump, sneakers (sneakers shoe) design. Besides, plastic shoes will also be good at this time. However, it must be bought in good shops and quality. Otherwise it can be torn. There are many design varieties of such shoes.

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Out of Soul:

Everyone knows it as a shoe sole. It is better not to use plain sole during monsoon. Mud is not easily cleaned. Zigzag soles are very comfortable on muddy roads.


Medium or balance heels are perfect for this time. These heels are no more than half an inch and comfortable.

Some Important Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Pencil heels, big heels, sandals, slippers during the rainy season – it is better not to use them because the water in our city becomes monotonous on the roads. Sometimes knee water, sometimes waste water! Roads are broken for water, holes are created. So there is a possibility of falling and being the victim of an accident.
  • Shoes must be understood by looking at the store. Infections or other problems can often occur from shoes to feet. These waterproof shoes can be found in Bata, Apex, Bay, Crescent showrooms. That is why buying good quality shoes are very important.
  • Many people wear cloth and sneakers in the rainy season. This type of shoe gets wet for a long time due to water in it, which causes bad smell in the feet and various skin problems. The rainy water can get wet in the heavy shoes while crossing the top. It is better to wear shoes that do not get damaged in water. In this case, rely on plastic shoes.
  • Shoes can get wet when it rains in the rainy season, so rubber or plastic shoes can be the ideal choice at this time.
  • You should wear shoes that cannot be removed from the mud and your shoes should be made of rubber or plastic so that you do not have to worry about the shoes all day long. If water gets into the feet, it should come out easily and shoes that help in ventilation are good for rainy season. Even if the shoes are wet due to being open, there is no bad smell on the feet.
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Now there is no exact address of the rain as it comes down to at anytime. Almost everyone gets into trouble, especially during working hours. If you know some information like this, it will be convenient to buy it according to what kind of shoes you have to select for daily movement. So no matter what the rainstorm, stay safe and fashionable. And that’s what I always say-

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