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Looking for a great family vacation with some learning and fun? Check out those few great spots in Thailand (Out of so many) that will have you wanting to pack first thing in the morning and book a flight.

It’s not that easy to find an accurate spot to vacation with kids. Finding the right country, especially if you have children of all ages that can’t agree on anything that they like or dislike, something you already know may ruin your vacation. Family vacation in Thailand will have your kids so wore out at the end of every day that they won’t even have the energy to disagree. Thailand, absolutely has some of the most beautiful beaches on earth and the greatest hotel resorts .

Starting with #1 great vacationing spot: PHUKET

phuket with kids

Phuket with Kids   

Phuket is one of the largest island in Thailand. It has some of the most beautiful beaches. As for a Family vacation with kids it has tons of attractions for kids as well as going out places for adults to relax once kids are already wore out.  A jungle water park, bird park, Karting, Canoeing, an aquarium, upside house and so much more.. If you like museums It has that too but that one NOT a regular Museum either, it’s a trick eye museum. Do you like shows? Well this vacationing spot has shows that offer exciting cultural experiences, the most famous one is The ‘Fantasea Show’
A bonus! Are you one wanting a break from the kids for a few hours and spend time with your partner? Well, guess what. They have hotels and resorts that offer kids clubs and babysitting services. So you can take a few hours to relax enjoy the scenery and spend time with your other half.

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Not interested yet? Check out Vacation Spot #2

thailand with kids


Krabi also has beautiful beaches but also has stunning islands that you can take boat trips out too. They have aquariums to except this is outdoors. This area has a rich wildlife National parks. You can actually hike up to waterfalls and soak in their hot springs. Sounds Relaxing. They have prehistoric landscapes. You can add a cultural side when visiting Susan Hoi beautiful temples. They also have rock climbing and sea kayaking. This vacation spot is more for the family’s that love the outdoors. So I have one more spot for you to check out.


Last but not least. Vacation spot #3.

family trip to thailand

Phachuap Khiri Khan

This area is most famous for it’s seaside town of Hua Hin. This place has many dining options. Two main water parks. One Vana Nava Hua Hin water Jungle and Black Mountain Water Park. Like monkey’s. At Khao Lommuak you can get up close and personal they will even gently eat out the palm of your hands. This monkey is called the dusky leaf monkey and their babies are bright yellow. Want to take a boat ride. They have that too. You can take one and look inside the atmospheric cave or go to Kui Bori National park and go on a safari to see elephants.

Still not sure about Thailand?

This is only three great places to visit out of so many others, writing on each one would require a novel..  Thailand has many wonderful and beautiful places to visit that are all kid friendly and will keep you and your family busy and relax at the same time. It’s relaxing a great place to learn and the kids will be talking about this family vacation for years to come. Make sure to bring lots of film for the camera or lots of batteries to capture these beautiful moments to share with other family and friends.

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Enjoy your vacation

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