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Why did the judge set the bail so low for the ostrich? Because it was not a flight risk! It is a common bail joke; however, bail is no laughing matter as a speedy bail can help you save face during troubling times. As the capital city of California, Sacramento has an excellent police force but even better bail bondsmen. You do not have to face a dilemma while selecting a bond business, just look out for the signs below:

  1. The firm is licensed by the California Department of Insurance (CDI).
  2. The business must have good standing: Check the online reviews and testimonials of previous clients to assess the reliability. People living in California can look for a Sacramento bail bondsman for getting a fast bail.
  3. Services are offered at competitive prices: This ensures that you don’t have to pay “hidden fees” later on. Most reputed bail bonds businesses quote 8-15% of the bond amount. Read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid being charged extra later on.

Bail bonds exist for a reason. Say, a certain Mr. Huth was arrested for alleged possession of an illegal substance, obtained in the trunk of his car by police.

  • Case A: Mr. Huth could not pay the hefty bail amount, and neither he nor his relatives knew about the services of a bondsman, and thus he spent one month in jail waiting for his trial date. Even though he was ultimately acquitted, his jail time had an irreversible effect on his life: he lost his job, faced stigma from his entire neighborhood, and was eventually deserted by his wife and children. Even though he could seal the arrest record, it became well known that he spent a month in jail, and people started avoiding him. Mr. Huth was reduced from a hardworking, honest citizen to a dangerous criminal despite having proved his innocence in court.
  • Case B: Mr. Huth could afford the 10% rate levied by a trusted bail bondsman and was freed from jail within 2 days. At his trial, he was acquitted, and soon, everyone forgot about his arrest. As he had spent only a few days in jail, his job was safe, and most people did not know about his arrest as the record was automatically sealed as per Penal Code 851.87 PC.
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If you fail to appear on the set trial date, there can be numerous dire consequences, depending on the judge and alleged offense:

  • The court might issue an arrest warrant for “contempt of court” which is most of the time non-bailable. If you repeatedly fail to appear, you may face additional fines and jail time.
  • Your driver’s license can be suspended until you appear in court.
  • The judge can increase the bail amount, even if it has been posted.
  • Usually, they work with bounty hunters to locate you and make sure you appear in court in a certain amount of time.
  • If someone else paid the bail amount on your behalf and perhaps used their personal belongings as collateral, they will be at risk of losing their money and property.

To avoid the above complications, appear for the trial, and things might just go well. A bondsman may assist you in finding the necessary legal support to fight your case and get the justice you deserve.

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