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Is your baby coming? If so, you should start preparing with everything you need. Have you thought about which bottle to buy? Of all, anti-colic bottles are always the best. This is one of the most suitable as it will keep your baby healthy and uncomplicated and they are also quite functional.

As recommended by specialists, after 6 months is when a baby can begin to feed with bottles, but this does not always happen. Sometimes the mother has to work and cannot give breast milk in the usual way, in these cases it is essential to have an anti-colic bottle as it is much safer.

Be it before or after 6 months that your baby begins to feed with bottles, the most appropriate thing is to do it with an anti-colic one, so you must begin the search for the perfect one for you.

You probably have a lot of questions like which one is the best, what is the most suitable size, what brands are available and how much do they cost. If so, do not worry, below we will tell you everything you need to know.

Have you already seen some anti-colic bottles but don’t know which one is the most suitable for your baby? It can be difficult to choose because there are many options, prices, and measures, and to help you choose the best one we have created a selection of the 10 best anti-colic bottles of 2020.

Tommee Tippee Anti-colic Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee is one of the best options for your baby. When choosing an anti-colic bottle it is important that you look at the brand, in this case, it is one of the best on the market because it has a patented ventilation technology and optimal air suction that is carried out through a cannula of air. This allows the number of bubbles in the milk inside the bottle to be reduced and it will be much more suitable for the baby.

The nipple of a bottle is one of the most important parts and in this case, that of this bottle has been awarded as the one that most resembles the human breast. This is very good because for the baby to start with the bottle will be much easier and the transition from breast to the bottle will not be so difficult for him.

The grip of this nipple is quite good, which helps the little one to feed easily. In addition, the bottle can be placed in 3 different positions, each of which is quite easy to adapt. On the other hand, the nipple has been designed to have a slow flow, especially for newborns.

To keep your little one safer, the materials used in the creation of this bottle do not contain BPA, so your baby will be safe, colic free and very well fed. It does not matter if you start using the bottle after 6 months or much earlier.


  • It allows the baby a good grip.
  • It has hermetically closed
  • Reduces bubbles in milk


  • The nipple bends at times.


You can buy Tommee Tippee klarna and Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine Day & Night White


Philips Avent SCF810 / 14

Another of the best brands that develop baby products is Philips Avent because it has excellent technology in fact, this anti-colic bottle has the AirFree system that has been specially designed by the brand and helps the baby to ingest their food Without air, which dramatically reduces colic, gas, and reflux that are common with other types of bottles.

Feeding a baby from a standard bottle can be more complex in certain positions, especially when standing upright. If they buy this bottle they will have no problem with it, as it always keeps the air out of the bottle so that feeding is simple.

The design of the nipple has been designed so that it is always full of milk and not air, in addition, the flow of milk is quite adequate and similar to if breast milk were being ingested normally. This is very important as it is what facilitates the transition from natural feeding to the bottle.

The material used to create the nipple is also BPA-free, but it is also very soft, it will not bother the little one and it will facilitate feeding. But in addition to being soft, it is resistant enough.

The way to assemble it is very easy, in addition, cleaning it is very simple, you can do it in a few seconds. Its size is also one of the most suitable, it can hold up to 125 ml of milk, enough for a meal.


  • The Air Free system always keeps the air out of the bottle
  • Has a comfortable grip
  • It is BPA free


  • The color of the bottle may change over time.

Suavinex Zero-Zero Anti-colic bottle

Suavinex Zero-Zero is another of the great alternatives when it comes to anti-colic bottles. In most cases, going from natural breastfeeding to a bottle can be complex and invasive for the baby. It is normal for little ones to start rejecting bottles, but this one, in particular, has been designed so that this does not happen.

The nipple of this bottle has been designed in very soft silicone to make it more comfortable for the baby when he eats. It also has the shape, length, and touches very similar to that of a nipple, which facilitates the intake of food and the passage from the breast to the bottle. The size of the teat is one size, so it can be used with babies of all ages.

By imitating the shapes of a nipple, it is easy to use from birth, especially for mothers who cannot breastfeed the baby due to work or different occupations. To avoid colic, this bottle has an anti-colic bag system quite similar to that of the mammary glands, it will be like eating naturally, but much easier.

The use of this anti-colic bottle can be combined with breastfeeding if desired. This cannot be done with all the bottles on the market because their shape is not adequate. You can switch from one mode to another without problems and without the little one rejecting the bottle.

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For greater safety, the bottles and nipples have been endorsed by the Spanish society of pediatric dentistry, so this bottle is completely safe to be used by a baby. And the best thing is that it can be started from birth.


  • Very soft teat
  • Emulates the shape of a nipple
  • It can be combined with breastfeeding.


  • It could have more flow.

MAM anti-colic baby bottles

MAM  is a proven brand in this type of product. Whenever you buy an anti-colic bottle you should look at its price. Sometimes they can be quite expensive and not in all cases it is necessary to pay as much. In this case, these are 2 quite functional bottles with enough capacity to feed your baby without complications.

The design of the nipple of this anti-colic bottle is one of the best as it has a skin texture and is what allows the baby to go from natural feeding with the breast to the bottle. With other brands and other types of bottles, this is very difficult because the texture is different, in this case, it is much softer for the comfort of the little one.

The anti-colic system of this bottle is of high quality, after carrying out different tests it was determined that thanks to its ventilated base the air intake is much lower than other brands. This will keep all the air out of the bottle and avoid colic and gas that are very common. In fact, some parents wonder why their baby is crying, and it is normal for it to be due to gas produced by sucking milk.

Sterilizing a bottle is essential, as these usually store bacteria and dirt that can end up making the baby sick, to solve this you will not have to buy a bottle sterilizer but this same bottle can self-sterilize with only 3 simple steps and in a short time.

The transition from breast to bottle has never been easier than with this bottle. That is why it can be used from 0 to 6 months if desired. In addition, the nipple that it has is of the number 3 that allows an adequate flow for that age.


  • The nipple is very soft
  • Self sterilizes
  • They have a capacity of 320 ml


  • Could be more airtight

 Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Slow Flow Baby Bottle

Tommee Tippee is one of the references when it comes to slow-flow bottles. When buying a bottle you should always pay attention to the flow of the nipple. When starting to use a bottle, the transaction between breastfeeding and the bottle is always complex. That is why bottle feeding should be as natural and similar as possible to breastfeeding. If the flow is too much in a young baby, accidents can also happen.

To make the acceptance of the bottle easier for the baby, the nipple is designed so that its touch is very similar to that of the mother’s breast. This creates a very real feeling that the baby would like and will feel like he is drinking milk as usual.

The grip of this bottle is very soft for the baby, this greatly facilitates the transaction between the breast and the bottle. To reduce colic, this bottle has an adequate aeration valve that allows, in addition to a slow flow, the reduction of the entry of air into the bottle. This greatly reduces the discomfort for the baby.

The materials used in this bottle are also the most suitable. In the first instance, they are resistant and durable, this means that they do not deform and do not take on a dark color with the passage of washing. It is also 100% BPA-free to keep your baby safe.

This is one of the best brands that is responsible for the development of baby products, and in the case of baby bottles, it has an extensive collection, which is why you can buy this same model in different sizes such as 150 ml, 260 ml, and 340 ml. The one you choose will depend on your baby’s age and how much he eats.


  • Luxury is low
  • The nipple feel is realistic
  • Materials are BPA free


  • Could be more airtight

Suavinex Zero-Zero Bottle Set

Suavinex Set Zero-Zero as an economical pack. If your baby is about to arrive and you don’t have enough time to breastfeed, it is best to buy this anti-colic bottle. This has been specially designed for newborn babies, but also for those who have been breastfeeding for a long time and must switch to bottle feeding.

Thanks to the design of this anti-colic bottle, it is much easier for the baby to feed, so it does not reject it. With your purchase, you will receive an anti-colic bottle with a capacity of 270 ml. Enough for a meal for a newborn baby and also for those who are a little older.

The flow of the nipple is medium and it has several refills, one for the nipple so that when the first one suffers some damage you can change it and it also has an anti-colic bag replacement. The best thing about this bottle is that it has been designed to physically and physiologically mimic the mother’s breast. So when you try to give him the bottle he will not reject it and you can combine the two modes without problems.

To achieve the right realism this bottle is made with very soft silicone and with the right length and touch that closely resembles the flow of a normal nipple. In addition, the flow is adaptable and this will depend on the pressure with which the baby sucks.

The design of the anti-colic bag is one of the most innovative, it has been created to work in the same way as the mammary glands, so the food intake will be very natural for the baby. For greater safety, the nipples of this bottle have been endorsed by the Spanish Society of Pediatric Dentistry, so your baby will always be safe.

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  • Has adjustable flow
  • Emulates the feeling of breastfeeding
  • Has anti-colic nipple and bag refills


  • Could be bigger

Philips Avent 330 ml anti-colic bottle, clear

Philips Avent makes this brand one of the most efficient product lines on the market. They are responsible for developing quality products with maximum durability. In this case, it is an anti-colic bottle with a capacity of 330 ml that is perfect for feeding the baby without problems and without having to recharge it in the middle of meals.

The materials used in this bottle in addition to being high quality are also safe for the baby. Everything is 100% BPA-free so that your little one is always safe and it has also been organically developed for greater durability.

Whenever you buy an anti-colic bottle you should pay attention to the nipple, this is what will allow your little one to feed on the bottle without problems. In this case, the nipple has been specially designed to imitate the touch of the nipple when feeding the little one in a traditional way.

This nipple is much softer than others on the market in addition to having the right shape and size so that the baby feels that he is feeding naturally so the transition from breastfeeding to the bottle will be much easier. Especially since the hook, it has is the most natural.

This bottle can be used for 3 months and the flow of the liquid is optimal since it simulates that of breastfeeding and prevents the little one from having an accident while feeding. It is the perfect bottle for the transition stage, it can also be used in conjunction with traditional breastfeeding.


  • Has 330 ml capacity
  • The nipple is very soft
  • The grip is natural


  • Could be used with smaller babies

NUK First Choice Plus

NUK First Choice as the perfect breastfeeding solution. Breastfeeding cannot always be used to feed a baby, but if it can be done occasionally it is best to find a bottle that allows sharing. Not all bottles have this characteristic because their shape, texture and fluid flow is very different from breastfeeding, this makes it a problem for the little one to get used to it.

If you have already had this problem, it is best to buy this bottle as it has been designed to combine breastfeeding with bottle feeding. So you can go to work and the baby will feed with the bottle and when you return you can do it naturally and the best thing is that your little one will not experience too many changes, the transition from one mode to another is very simple.

The best thing about this anti-colic bottle is that it is not the same as all the others. This has been created to be more efficient as it has a pacifier that considerably reduces the risk of colic. Thus the air passage will be less and the discomfort in the little one will disappear completely.

For greater security, this bottle has a fastening system so that opening and closing the bottle is much easier, but when it is closed it is completely hermetic and there is no type of drip. If you are concerned about its cleaning and disinfection, this is not a problem, as it has a wide neck that facilitates filling and cleaning.

The materials used in the creation of this bottle are of high quality, they are made of plastic polypropylene , much lighter than others on the market so that it is easy to transport, but it is also very robust, so it will last a long time.


  • Includes bottles of different sizes
  • The materials are resistant
  • Has hermetic closure


  • Flow could be less

Mam Easy Start – Anti-colic Baby Bottle

Mam Easy Start will help you with the first months of breastfeeding. The materials in which a bottle is created must be the safest, but also resistant so that your baby is healthy and durability is greater. In this case, this bottle is made with polypropylene which makes it much lighter, but also resistant.

The wide neck of the bottle will make filling much easier, and if you want to wash it manually it is also easier thanks to the wide neck. It is important that you pay attention to the flow of the bottle, this is what will determine how natural it feels for the baby to feed. In addition, the flow must be adapted to the age of the baby, when they are very small the flow must be lower, in this case, you will obtain a uniform flow to avoid accidents.

The prevention of colic with this bottle is much greater, thanks to the fact that its system allows all the air to be out. Plus, this is the perfect bottle to switch from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. This process is usually quite difficult for babies, as not all bottles are the right shape, but in this case, you should not worry as it has been designed to make the transition easy.

Some bottles are difficult to transport, but also to close and open, in this case, it is not because their design allows a simple but very safe closing and opening. Once it is closed there will be no dripping and the baby will feed without problems.

On the other hand, the material in which the nipple is made is very soft and comfortable for the baby, it has the correct size that resembles that of a nipple when feeding in a conventional way, so it is easier for your child.


  • It is made of resistant materials
  • It works to switch from breastfeeding to bottle.
  • The flow is uniform


  • It could be bigger.

Dr. Brown’s – Anti-colic Baby Bottle Kit

Is your baby coming and you want to have everything you need to be very comfortable and well-fed? Well, this Dr. Brown’s Kit is one of the best you can buy. The new design of its line has a very innovative vacuum system that helps reduce air intake and thus reduces colic in babies.

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For added safety, these products have been clinically tested. After some studies carried out in the United Kingdom, it has been shown that these bottles help with the baby’s digestion in addition to reducing gas and reflux that are common in other brands of bottles.

It is usual that you must buy different bottles as your little one is growing, but this is with other brands, with this one this is not a problem. Well, it has a system that allows it to adapt to the needs of the little one while it grows. In addition, these bottles have been created to preserve the nutrients in the milk, everything is so well sealed that vitamins C, A, and E will always be present.

The development of this bottle has made the nipple very similar to the texture and shape of a similar nipple in breastfeeding. For some babies, it is somewhat complex to go from feeding naturally to a bottle, but with this it will not be a problem. The nipple is so soft that the baby will not feel differences and the flow is adequate.


  • It has a wide neck
  • Includes bottles of different sizes
  • The nipple is very soft


  • Could be more airtight

Why buy an anti-colic bottle?

You might think that buying an anti-colic bottle is optional, but the truth is that no, it is completely necessary to have one of these when you have a baby. Colic is very common and occurs in most children. These cause discomfort in the baby and with this type of bottle it can be prevented.

When a little one is feeding with the bottle it is usual that some air enters, this is what ends up causing colic, reflux, and gas. The system used by this type of bottle achieves zero air passage and a much greater decrease in colic. So your baby can feed without problems.

In the market there are many brands, sizes, and shapes, it will depend on the age of your baby and your needs which one you buy. In addition to the systems, they have to reduce colic, some of the best with the Avent line bottles.

Where to buy anti-colic bottles?

The price of an anti-colic bottle can vary considerably depending on where it is purchased. In some stores specializing in the sale of baby products, the prices of these products are usually very high and in some cases quite excessive.

You don’t always have to spend too much money to keep your baby safe and colic-free, so the best option is to buy from Amazon. There you will find a large number of options, bottle sizes, brands, flows, nipple materials, and prices that will surely adapt much more to your budget.

What to look for when buying anti-colic bottles?

If you do not know too much about this type of bottle, making the purchase can be complex, but do not worry, then we will tell you what you should look for.

What materials should the bottle be made of?

It is usual that the bottles are made of plastic materials, this is the most suitable because it provides lightness, but also greater durability. Whichever material you choose make sure it is BPA-free, this will make it much safer for your little one.

How should the nipple be?

The nipple is one of the most important parts of the bottle because depending on its shape, size, and texture, it will make feeding your baby much easier. Not all babies get used to bottles easily and they often have some trouble adjusting and stopping breastfeeding.

So that this is not a problem, look for a bottle that has a soft nipple and that manages to resemble the texture of the nipple. In addition, the size should also resemble that of the nipple, so your baby will not notice too much difference from one type of feeding to another.

What flow should the bottle have?

The flow rate from a bottle will depend on the age of the baby who is going to use it. If it is a small or newborn baby, the most appropriate thing is that the flow is low. This level of flow is quite similar to that of the little one and is much safer for the baby because he will not choke even if he sucks strongly.

As the little one grows, the level of flow will vary, approximately for 3 months, it is appropriate to use a medium flow nipple, so the baby can feed at the appropriate rate according to the suction force. Then there are the high-flow nipples that are best for babies over 6 months.

When to start using an anti-colic bottle?

All cases are different, but you could start using an anti-colic bottle from the birth of the baby. The mother will not always be able to feed the baby in a traditional way, and different alternatives must be chosen.

What is decisive when starting to use a bottle to feed a small baby is the flow with which the milk comes out. The flow should be as low as possible to avoid accidents.

Can bottles be used in conjunction with breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding and bottle feeding can be used without problems as long as the bottle is suitable. Sometimes a bottle is bought without paying much attention to its size, materials, or type of nipple and this is what makes the difference.

The baby has become accustomed to breastfeeding and feeding in this way is very different from a bottle. That is why you should look for one that is the right size and texture and quite similar to the breast, so the baby will not reject the bottle when you try to feed it.

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