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Parents keep an eye on the activities of their kids; every responsible parent wants to keep their kids away from bad habits and bad people so for this they need a solution which should be perfect. Because parents do not have enough time to always watch their kids what they are doing and where they are going for this problem, they need a cell phone tracker to track kid’s mobile phones. There are a lot of apps available here on the World Wide Web but I am going to introduce the best application named the FamiSafe Parental control app. It has many features for parents to control their kids and track their location.

What are phone tracker apps?

The phone trackerapp may be a sturdy and correct GPS tracking software system that helps you find your phones, family, and friends. You may get GPS notifications once one in every one of your members of the family areacloses. This location tracker uses each cell tracking and GPS tracking to optimize battery usage and the accuracy of the situation.

How does a location tracker app work?

This app uses each cell tracking and GPS pursuit to optimize battery usage and the accuracy of the situation.

The FamiSafe app helps track the child’s location in a period. It is best children tracker for parents.  That way, the parent is aware of specifically wherever the kid is while not even asking them by checking that data from their device. This is often simply superb. So, if the kid is meant to be in school, at a ballgame, or a friend’s house, the parent will check their location right from their device and be deceased that they’re safe and specifically wherever they aforesaid they’d be.

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If you are feeling the requirement to review the child’s routine, the feature permits you to look at the situation history timeline. It additionally provides you the parent the choice to make geo-fences around specific locations that you simply have marked as safe zones and obtain alerted whenever they break from their routine and wanders into the unsafe zones.

Features of location tracking  

Geo-fences: This FamiSafe parental control app allows you to mark many Geo-fences as safe zones. Whenever your children attempt to leave these Geo-fences, you may be alerted directly. Except this, you will use the Geo-fences feature flexibly beside alternative options like screen time and app management.

Tracks period location: The app tracks the period location of the kid’s device with a location hunter so that you recognize before wherever your children area unit or heading to. In this fashion, you’ll stop them from belongings go to any inappropriate places.

Pricing Plans of FamiSafe app

FamiSafe has these pricing plans these 3 pricing plans allow you to take as per your requirements. FamiSafe comes with monthly plans, annual plans, and quarterly plans here are the prices for each subscription with their plans.

  • $9.99 /month – Monthly arrange (5 Devices Per Account)
  • $4.99 /month – Annual arrange (30 Devices Per Account)
  • $6.66 /month – Quarterly arrange (10 Devices Per Account)

Links to download this app

Apple store

Google play


Why you should select FamiSafe over all other apps? 

With the FamiSafe Parental control App, you will be ready to keep track mobileof your busy family whereas not bothering all day long as long as your phone contains a GPS. you will be ready to run a quick location search from your phone or your geographical point laptop computer to make sure your child created it in time for morning dance apply whereas not interruption. This app tracks amount of your time location and geo-fencing. It permits you to seem at their location on your smartphone with an address and landmark, furthermore allowing you to line up a secure zone and providing an amount of your time notification once the child leaves and enters the Geo-fence. Track and keeping children safe is terrific with this app. Also, this app is password-protected, thus exclusively people and caregivers can see the location of their youngsters. This will be a parental management app that comes with the utility that the bulk people fireplace

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I have researched more than 15 kids tracking applications over the internet and find the best FamiSafe.Thismobile tracker apphas very reasonable pricing plans, as well as they, are providing the best solution which you want. While one may notice plenty of pursuit applications on the app stores, solely several applications, like FamiSafe, provide comprehensive expertise. Being over simply an easy GPS pursuit app, the FamiSafe Parental management application offers a collection of advanced tools like Location History, Geo-fencing, and a lot of to confirm the security of kids. FamiSafe forms an ideal resolution for folks United Nations agency wish to keep track of their child’s activities with this mobile phone tracker.

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