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  1. Not having to work on your summer bod.
  2. Infinite summer vacations.
  3. Having all the time at your disposal.
  4. Waking up whenever you want.
  5. Eating whatever you want.
  6. Getting time to spend with your family.

Is the universe check marking your wish list or has the Santa arrived earlier this year?

Yes, maybe not the best of times to get your bucket list ticked, with the whole world battling with a pandemic. But who says there can’t be a silver lining to it?

The best way you can contribute in curbing this pandemic is by staying home and staying safe and there is no harm in having some fun in doing so.

So, let us take a look at the best summer activities you can do while staying safe in your homes.

Travel the world – virtually

Who said that being physically present is a requisite for travelling?

With the technology at your disposal, you can easily travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Visit Buckingham palace and see where the Queen lives.
  • Take the virtual dog sled ride in Antarctica.
  • Experience the beaches and volcanoes of Hawaii.
  • Trek the Grand Canyons from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Enjoy the 360° video of northern lights while laying on your bed.
  • Visit Mona Lisa at Louvre Museum.
  • Want to enjoy an off-world experience? Take a tour of international space station.


Bottom line, when the whole world is just a click away, where would you like to travel?

Experience the joy of fine dining

How long do you plan on feeding yourself those frozen, half cooked and ready to eat meals?

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Summer is the perfect time to brush up on your cooking skills and treat yourself with the joy of fine dining.

World class chefs have made it to YouTube to teach the world how they too can prepare and enjoy a Michelin star cuisine at their home.

Not only do these chefs tell you how to make the best dish, but they have also adapted their content to suit the current situation. With videos that tell

  • How to cook great meals under a budget.
  • Variety of meals that you can make with things at your home.
  • Making best and renowned dishes with minimum ingredients.

This will not only allow you to enjoy good meal but will also help you enhance your life skills.

With being quarantined at home and having nothing much to do, this activity might be something that proves to be therapeutic.

Organize your life

You might not get a better time than this one, to organize your life. Previously, being busy with hectic routine of education and job may have put many things on pending. And with the lockdown in place, you may have had other things to worry about.

But now that some time has passed, and the quarantine routine is beginning to set up, this is the perfect time to get your life organized.

  • Set your wardrobe


Take out every article of clothing you own. You might be surprised on how much you own.


Wash them properly and sort them.

Which ones are new, which are old?

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How many you want to give to charity?


  • Redesigning your home


You can also redesign your home to suit the season.


For example, shifting the furniture to make the house look more spacious. Or relocating the TV and sofas in a way to give a more theatre-y like look. You can also move your bed to make it cosier.


Just experiment with what you have to give your home a fresh look.

Increase your skill set

Who said that online assignment writing service uk  is the only online educational service you can avail?

The eight Ivy Leagues colleges i.e.

  1. Yale
  2. Princeton
  • Harvard
  1. Dartmouth
  2. Columbia
  3. Brown
  • Cornell
  • Pennsylvania

Have opened more than 450 of their courses online, for free, for you to take advantage of.

These courses range from a wide variety of topics, that will help you in enhancing your skill set and make your quarantine time worthwhile.

Improve your health

In the frantic daily routine, many people do not find the time to take care of themselves both mentally and physically.

This is the perfect time to focus on them.

  • Physical activity


Summers is the ideal time to lose weight, as the weather assists in making you sweat and simple exercises, if done correctly can prove to be vey beneficial in weight loss.


Moreover, there are many home exercise routines posted by famous athletes and companies like Nike has made their home workouts and fitness plans available for free.


This is the perfect opportunity for you to shed some extra mass and get back in shape, so you can flex your new muscles to your friends when the quarantine ends.

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  • Mental serenity


Talking about mental health is generally considered to be a taboo in many societies and that is the reason it is ignored.


Secondly, being separated from physical human contact and isolated in your homes may take a toll on your mental health.


Therefore, it is utmost important to cater to it. There are many articles, podcasts, interviews and expert opinion you can find online that will tell you tips and tricks and help you achieve mental serenity and peace.

Camping and stargazing

You do not need to go into the vast wilderness for a camping trip.

During the quarantine you can arrange for a mini camping adventure in your backyard, balcony or even the rooftop of your apartments.

You can setup camp and play out the scenario like you normally would in an actual camping trip.

Moreover, you can spend the night stargazing and enjoying the night sky.

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