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Let’s say you are an influencer working hard to get your content up. You spend hours on the perfect content, polishing it up and when you finally upload, the first comment on your post reads something on the lines of “If you want to earn quick money fast, visit my profile.” This is happening all over Instagram, with bot networks spreading spam comments that tell people that the secret to getting rich is in their bio.  Many people buy Instagram followers UK to increase their fame online. According to Instascreener, an analytic agency, there are an estimated 150 million fake accounts on Instagram.  


These types of comments can compromise your followers’ personal information if they fall to such scams, so it’s important to act up. 


What is Instagram Doing About It?

Facebook’s spokesman said that they want the interactions people have with each other on Instagram should be genuine and that their team is constantly on their toes to remove any spammy behavior from the app. The spokesman further clarified that services that offer people an increase in their comments, likes or followers, are not allowed on the app, and the team is working to come up with a technology to counter these activities on Instagram. 


A Mix of AI and Human Moderators to Stop Such Comments 

Facebook now says that it is currently using a combination of both human moderators and artificial intelligence to reduce inauthentic activity on Instagram. Facebook further added that since their team is working to reduce the benefits people get from these services, gaining inauthentic likes and followers, the company will make sure that these spam methods become less useful on Instagram. 


According to Facebook, it will take some time to filter all these spam comments out, and maybe not all of them will be rid off, but still, the company assures they recognize this problem and is committed to bringing a longterm solution for it. Till Facebook battles with these comments, here’s what you can do. 


Turning off Comments in Instagram

Comments can be completely disabled from your post on Instagram. When this is done, no one can further comment on your post, and all the comments which were previously made will now be hidden. These also include comments by your loyal followers and friends and even yourself. 


This is the biggest drawback of shutting off the comments. Although it is effective in blocking out spammers and trolls leaving unnecessary and even harmful comments on your post, it also blocks the people who genuinely want to give feedback on the post, making this feature a double-edged sword. 

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There are two ways you can do this:

1) The first method is done when you are during the process of creating a post. 

2) The second method is used when the post is already on Instagram. 


Both of these methods are mentioned below.  


One thing you shouldn’t forget is that the settings you keep for comments are not remembered by the app for any future posts you make. So if you don’t want comments on your future posts, you have to turn off the comments each time manually. 


One more important detail is that you can reverse your settings, enabling you to receive comments on any post, even the ones in which you disabled the comments earlier. How to do this is also shown further in the article. 


How to Disable Instagram Comments

Now since you have decided you want to turn off comments on Instagram, here are some of the ways you can do it:  


Disable Instagram Comments Option Before Sharing A New Photo or Video

This is to be used if the post you are making has not been posted yet, but you are planning to get it shared soon. Follow these steps to disable comments on posts you are about to share. 


1) Open the Instagram app by selecting it from your screen. 


2) Tap the share button so you can select a picture to share from your gallery.  


3) Once you have made your mind on the filters, proceed to tap the Next button. 


4) Now spot and tap the Advanced settings button colored in grey at the bottom of your page. 


5) Switch ON the Turn Off Commenting button. 


6) Then go back using the back button, located at the top left side of the app.  


7) Share your post using the blue Share button at the top right side of the app.  


When you look at your post now, the comments will be disabled. So pat yourself on the back for blocking out negativity from your posts. 


Disable Instagram Comments on Existing Photos or Videos


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Now, if you have already shared a post on your Instagram Feed or profile and want to disable the comments, here’s how to do it: 


1) Tap the Instagram icon from your Home page. 


2) Proceed to the Home tab by tapping on the bottom of the app and locate the post you want to disable the comments on.  


3) Look for the Ellipsis button at the top right side of the post. 


4) After tapping the Ellipsis button, a drop-down menu will appear. Toggle on the Turn Off Commenting option from the drop-down menu.  


Now people can no longer leave spam comments on your posts. 


Turning Commenting Back on for a Post

If you have turned off commenting for a post, and now have decided to turn it back on, here’s how to bring those comments back to your post. 


1) Tap on the Instagram icon from your Home page.  


2) Look at the bottom of the app and tap on the Profile tab or Home tab, and then proceed to find the post you disabled the comments for.  


3) Look for the Ellipses button at the top right side of your post. 


4) After tapping the Ellipsis button, a drop-down menu will appear from which you will toggle on the Turn On Commenting option from the menu. 


Now once again, your followers and possible trolls can comment under your Instagram post. 


Hide Comments Without Blocking Your Followers

Now say you want to hide comments from specific good followers since sometimes they can post messed up comments. You wouldn’t want to block them, so Instagram rolled out a feature in 2019 that lets you hide comments from specific people without them even knowing. This feature can be a great tool in the fight against cyberbullying. Here’s how to use Instagram’s restrict feature: 


Locate the comment you want to restrict: 

Swipe left on that comment 

Then Tap the ‘!’ icon. 


A pop-up menu will open; choose the option Restrict from there. 


Is There A Way to Edit Someone Else’s Comment 

No, for obvious reasons, Instagram does not allow you to edit your’s or anyone else’s comment on your Instagram post. You can use the above methods and hide comments completely, or you can restrict the person’s comment making it visible to only you and the person who commented. There’s no option to edit someone else’s comment.  

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Only Hide Offensive Comments

There’s also one more feature Instagram got up its sleeve, which you can use if you don’t want to turn off comments altogether and still save yourself from negative comments. Here’s how to turn off only offensive comments on your post. 


  • Make your way to your Instagram profile and then press the three horizontal lines. 
  • Tap Settings. 
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Tap Comments.
  • Switch the “Hide Offensive Comments” button on. 


There’s also a Manual Filter you can use that will allow you to specify certain words to Instagram to hide whenever it sees those words as a comment on your post. 


What Happens When A Comment is Hidden by You 

If someone you have restricted has left a comment on your post, the comment can only be seen by you and the person who commented. The comment will appear as shaded below your post. If you tap on the comment, you will get the option to make it visible on your Instagram post. 


How Do You Comment Privately on Instagram?

Instagram does not allow you to comment privately on anyone’s post unless they have restricted your comment (which doesn’t help in this situation anyway). Instagram comments are never private, and even if your comment is made on the post of a private account, all the account followers can still see the comment. If you still want to make a private comment, send a DM instead.


Can You Undelete A Comment on Instagram?

This is a simple no. Instagram does not allow you to recover deleted comments from the post. Once you decide to remove the comment, it’s not coming back. 


Wrapping Up

Trolls have been there for a very long time, and they are not going anywhere. Fortunately, These moderation tools given to you by Instagram will be quite efficient in handling your comments problem. If things go bad with someone, you can block them from seeing your profile. Hiding comments based on certain words is also a good way to stay away from negativity and spam. 

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