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We cannot claim the kaftan despite we consider ourselves kaftan enthusiasts. The sole reason behind doing so is that we would downplay the rich heritage of one of the oldest garments on this planet. Rather, we realize its importance help fellow Kaftan admirers develop an even better consciousness for it.

A “kaftan” is ideally a term in the fashion industry for any kind of loose-fitting robe or tunic— probably used to define a variety of garments that are believed to have their origins in Middle Eastern and North Africa. A true Designer Kaftan is a long robe with full sleeves, narrow cut, either with a deep neck or fully open to the floor, sometimes buttoned. The materials used, designs, level of embellishments, cut, etc. varies from region to region as per its intended use. The kaftan has been around for so long that scholars still haven’t been able to figure out, when exactly it was “invented”. May be as some historians claim, that the first piece of textile woven, could be a look alike of Kaftan.

Although, many internet platforms agree that the kaftan has been around for “thousands of years,” probably originated during the Ottoman Empire, though there are profound evidence suggesting that kaftans may have originated in Moroccan or Persian cultures. Over a period of time, with the amalgamation of several cultures when the kingdoms flourished geographically, the Kaftans spread throughout the Middle East, West Africa, Southeast Asia and Russia. Western Europeans jumped on the kaftan bandwagon in the late19th century when Queen Victoria’s granddaughter, Alexandra Feodorovna, during her marriage ceremony wore a kaftan-like coronation dress in 1896 and the whole nation (UK) was smitten by it.

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Across these regions, the use of Kaftans varied from formal occasions to loungewear, highlighting how the Kaftan’s simplistic outlook enabled it to adapt wherever one travelled.

It is a fact that most women cherish fascinating kaftans. Those who have been wearing kaftans for an extended time, would quit and will ask where you got that Designer Kaftan from. And, we have no doubt that you would not think for a moment to acknowledge others about the captivating Kaftans Dresses online, Kolkozy is the destination. A glammed up version of Designer Kaftan Dresses is something you will feel and be remembered stunning in. Unarguably, our Moroccan kaftans and Designer Wedding Kaftans are no less than a piece of art in itself. On the other hand, in case you are stylishly minded, the comfort of a kaftan that is worn, fuses confidencewith style each woman looks forward to.

The superb Designer Kaftan Dresses are an excellent piece of art work that will represent you into each event efficiently, regardless of whether you made a right choice without wondering. Nonetheless, we believe that all girls have the right to feel and appear wonderful no matter their age, colour, size or origin. Kaftans are for women from all walks of life.The ones that we create at Kolkozy, never fail to make women feel good and look fantastic.

The Kaftans with its variants and preferences is still the most sought after fashion choice in the Islamic Countries and people of that origin. For them, it has always been a part of their inherent culture and values. Not only it is a matter of pride for them but also represents one as elite and classy from the choice of Designer Dress they make. The kaftans eventually faded out of mainstream popularity in the fashion eccentric countries, though it retained its fandom in the travel and resort wear category. Yet sincerely over the past few years, women have been embracing less form-fitting clothing. As a result we’ve seen Kaftans, capes and sack dresses rise in popularity. There have even been a fair share of admirers about the feminist undertones of kaftans and kaftan-adjacent clothing because the kaftan prioritizes the comfort and enjoyment of the wearer. Fortunately, with many celebrities reckoning Designer Kaftans, our expectations aren’t far-stretched that the kaftans in people’s everyday wardrobes is imminent.

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We at Kolkozy Fashion offer you endless options and you will be spoilt every time you choose to make a purchase from us! The kaftan is quickly turning into a must-have in every women’s wardrobe. The vibrant choices and palette to pick from is given by our team of out of the box designers. This exceptionally versatile and comfortable piece of clothing is a perfect companion that has rightfully earned its place for its comfort and versatility. And, if you have purchased one that you have fallen completely in love with, yet aren’t sure that it would fit as perfectly as you would wish, our experienced tailors will make sure you get your Designer Kaftan looking exactly as you want it to look on you!

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