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Most Expensive Dresses in History


Historians and fashion experts have heated debates over the most expensive dresses in history. And do not come to a consensus. Some models have acquired additional value due to the personality of the person to whom they belonged. While the value of others increased significantly after some historical events. We present our review, including exclusive outfits that have ever been sold at a mind-boggling cost. Well above the prices of real estate, cars, jewelry.

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Precious dresses: top-9

The designer, who created the most expensive dress in the world. Compared evening dresses for special occasions with a cut for a diamond. The luxury and special chic of the model only emphasizes the seductiveness and femininity of its mistress. Famous designers compete with each other for the hearts and wallets of customers. Offering new styles and non-trivial materials. We will introduce you to the most famous and expensive dresses.

“Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur” – $ 30 million.

The masterpiece from Malaysian designer Faiyzali Abdullah was present on the catwalk in 2009, and today the cost of the dress is consider a record one. The model with a train in the color of Burgundy wine is made of silk and taffeta and is decorate with a 70-carat pear-shape diamond. The skirt and train are decorated with a scattering of diamonds. The drapery, precious stones, a huge train significantly “weighed down” the dress, so the model had to train a lot to demonstrate the outfit in the most favorable light.

Debbie Wingham – $ 17.7 million 

British designer Debbie Wingham’s creation is a traditional abaya dress for Muslim women. The show took place in one of the elite hotel complexes in the capital of the UAE. The cut consists of:

  • laconic, if not conservative, V cut;
  • strictly, slightly fitted silhouette;
  • long skirt and sleeves;
  • capes.

The black and red dress could be quite ordinary if not for the outstanding accent decor: gold threads and two thousand shimmering diamonds, but not any. Black, white and the world’s rarest examples of red gems were used to make the dress.

Wedding outfit – $ 12 million

Oddly enough, even despite its cost, this dress did not receive a name. It was published in 2006 as a result of the fruitful work of the creative tandem of the jeweler Martin Katz and the fashion designer Rene Strauss. The model perfectly draws the silhouette of a woman: the dress has a super-tight cut with a skirt flared from the knee. Open shoulders and neckline, corset bodice and veil create the image of a charming bride. The dress is decorated with a scattering of diamonds, the total weight of which is a little over 150 carats. Surprisingly, this luxurious piece of bridal fashion never found a buyer.

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Scott Henshall – $ 9 million

If you think that the most expensive models are long dresses , you are wrong. A provocative and semi-nude mini can safely claim this title. So, for the release at the presentation ceremony of the film “Spider-Man-3” dance-pop singer Samantha Mamba bought an extravagant spider-web dress, decorated with a scattering of diamonds in the amount of no less than three thousand pieces.

Ginza Tanaka – $ 8.3 million

This is not the first time the Japanese fashion designer has shocked the venerable audience. Earlier, stunning models made of gold wire and a dress made of coins came out from under his hand, which caused a great resonance both for its cost (245,000 and 268,000 dollars, respectively), and for its unusual styles and method of execution. At the bridal fashion show, the designer surpassed himself by presenting a wedding dress with an ostrich down skirt adorned with a thousand pearls and five hundred diamonds. The meticulous Japanese, who pay attention to every nuance, have long been choosing a candidate worthy to demonstrate a dress on the catwalk, and settled on the candidacy of the thin and miniature, like a statuette, Olympic champion figure skater Shizuki Arakawa.

The dress of the great Marilyn – $ 1.27 million.

On May 29, 1962, Marilyn Monroe wore a dress richly embroidered with sequins on the birthday of the 35th President of America, John F. Kennedy. The dress for the important date was made by designer Jean Louis, and, as fashion historians assure, the sketches of the style of the evening dress were made by the actress herself. Much later, at the very end of the millennium, the dress was put up for auction and was bought by the Manhattan company “Gotta Have It!” for the above amount. Despite the fact that initially the actress paid only 12 thousand dollars for the purchase of the evening wardrobe.

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Audrey Hepburn’s most memorable dress, which was auction for almost $ 1 million.

Of course, we are talking about the very elegant evening dress in which the actress appeared before the audience in the film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in 1961. The model of the black dress was developed by the world famous designer Givenchy. And although the Chanel model will forever remain the “face” of the little black dress, Audrey’s dress is considered the standard of elegance and beauty to this day. Made of black satin, sleeveless cut with a gathered skirt at the waist and a slit. Interestingly, three identical dresses were made for the filming of the film. One of them flaunts in the walls of the costume museum in Madrid, one is kept in the Givenchy house, and one was donate to the actress herself. It was this one that was sold at auction in 2006.

Duchess Kate Middleton’s luxurious wedding dress – 400 thousand dollars. 

The future wife of Prince William received a lot of sketches of the future wedding dress from leading fashion houses from all over the world, but preferred the British designer Sarah Burton, who headed the Alexander McQueen house. Later, for this A-line dress, with lace sleeves, stand-up collar, V-neckline and three-meter train, Burton received the title of “Designer of the Year”. It is interesting that the bodice and sleeves were made not just of lace fabric: flowers were place on it – symbols of Great Britain – roses, daffodils, thistles, clover leaves. These patterns were sewn by hand.

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Lady Di’s velvet dress – 400 thousand dollars.  It is not for nothing that Princess Diana is consider a style icon. Almost all of her outfits were magnificent and, many years later, were sold out at auctions for fabulous money. So, the famous velvet dress. In which the princess was at the White House at a presidential reception in 1985, was sold for 400 thousand. The dress was create by designer Victor Edelstein. And most of all, it was remember by the public thanks to Diana’s famous dance within the walls of the White House with actor John Travolta. At the auction, the dress was bought by a man for his wife. A romantic gift, isn’t it?


It is quite difficult to determine which of the dresses can be considered the most luxurious and expensive. There are always a lot of myths around such models. Because often information about the cost of a dress is passed by word of mouth. Or arises from the words of journalists who are greedy for sensations. One thing is invariable. The first appearance of such outfits in public causes delight, grabs attention. And the images are remember for a long time. Photos of the most expensive dresses are mesmerizing. Because in everyday life we ​​do not have to contemplate outfits made of gold fibers, peacock feathers, coins, threads interspersed with diamonds. Of course, such dresses are creat for outstanding people who are entitle to “status”. Among them are members of royalty, sports stars, eminent aristocrats, leading models, actresses and sex symbols.

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