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An engagement ring is a favorite accessory for all the couples as after their wedding, they have to wear them every single day. It also signifies the deepest commitment that couples make and acts as the enduring tangible symbol of a wedding.

The engagement rings symbolize faith, loyalty, and love. The tradition of exchanging rings leaps from ancient days and found widely in all the cultures. These engagement eternity rings are the sacred jewelry piece that is valued highly.

Our engagement ring buying guide can help you in choosing the right ring for your partner.

    1. Make a wise choice

While buying a engagement ring, you should be clear about your purchasing power, budget, style, partner choice and availability of metals too. From moissanite to platinum, diamond, gold and from other options you can make an easy choice.

When you are pre-planned about the type of engagement ring you want, you can save an ample amount of your time and money too.

You can find various engagement rings that had a set of yellow gold solitaire and its center stone had a huge cushion cut. It is having an 18k of gold pave band. This means a massive amount of money has been spent on that particular wedding ring.

If this falls in your budget, you can also go for a solitaire setting engagement rings from Jewellers in Hatton Garden too.

    1. Shop within your budget

In the beginning, only, you must set your budget as this can assist you in deciding on rings. It is suggested to set around 4 to 5% of your total wedding costs for your special and eternity ring.

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You can also opt for ring metal and different styles if you can stretch your budget a bit. You can go for a half eternity band which will cost you less or can select white gold over the platinum one which makes it more affordable and pleasing.

    1. Endless choices of metals

You can find various choices in the metal option as which one you should go for. Many couples also prefer the mixing of these metals. Yellow gold, platinum, white gold, silver, rose gold and other metals are trending and in demand.

You can also select braided bands that blend two different metals. They can reflect well the individual styles and you can get them in different shapes too.

    1. Engagement rings suiting your personality

Every person shares and enjoys a different personality. If you and your partner understand each other well, then you might be aware of their choices too. The engagement rings are presented abundant in number and you can get your hands on the one which can suit well your personality and lifestyle.

Go for the platinum rings if you are super active as they are extra durable and don’t easily wear away.

Where to shop?

Shopping for engagement rings is easily on the go. You can either shop them online or from your favorite jewelry store. These rings are enduring and popular for a lot number of good reasons.


Shopping for engagement ring is exciting and overwhelming. You can have wide range of choices which makes it difficult for the person to shop for the right one. So the best thing to do is, set your budget, decide your ring type and then look out for a perfect ring.

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You can go for any ring like vintage, modern or timeless one. Make sure you select the right ring size for your partner to avoid last minute hassle. So what are you waiting for? Make a choice of the best one from the classic and timeless range of engagement rings Hatton Garden today.

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